$25 Meal Plan – Sept 13/17

People ask me every week about my menu plan and how I feed my family for the amount I spend. Today I decided to share a weekly feature that will show you how to plan 4 to 5 meals with only $25. All these meals would feed 2 adults and 2 children for a suppertime meal.

It is the last day of the sales cycle for most stores, so I will do this on Monday’s from now on, giving you the opportunity to copy it.

Shopping with Ruth Ann – What Can I Buy For $25 Today?

Well, I was so up for this challenge, that I actually created 2 meal plans and purchased 2 x $25 shops. They are photogaphed as separate shops with their own menus.

This week I went to 3 stores. In the future I will be keeping it to a max of 2 stores. I just happened to be out and able to hop around today. Reality of grocery shopping is such that I rarely got to more than 2 stores, unless I am planning a big stock up or freezer meal prep. I went to Lawton’s & Sobey’s (next to each other on Elmwood) and Superstore.

There are likely going to be left overs of some meals, so they could be sides or lunches on other days.

Meal Plan #1

This is one option for 4 to 5 meals under $25. Serving 2 adults and 2 children. 

Make these meals for Under $22

~ Zucchini Salad with Lime Basil Dressing
~ Chicken Taco Wraps 
~ Spaghetti & meatballs
~ Goulash or Hamburger Soup (tomato, hamburg, pasta & seasoning)
~ Cold Cut Oven Subs – X2 meals(Tip)

* Making tortillas (cost approx. $0.60 for 10)

  • Macaroni pasta – missing from pic $0.24 (Sobey’s, sale $0.99 – $0.75 coupon)
  • Spaghetti pasta $0.24 (Sobey’s, sale $0.99 – $0.75 coupon)
  • Lean Ground Beef $6.54 (Sobey’s)
  • Sub Buns $3.69 – 50% = $1.85 (Superstore)
  • Avocado $1.69 (Superstore)
  • Red Pepper $1.02 (Superstore)
  • 2 Chicken Breast $4.33 (Superstore)
  • Tomatoes $4.99 – 50% off = $2.50 (Superstore)
  • English Cucumber $0.99 (Superstore)
  • Lime $0.33 (Superstore)
  • Zucchini (FREE from the garden)
  • Red Onion (from last week’s shop)
  • Cold Cuts $1.99 (Lawton’s)


Items on hand in house include seasonings, ingredients to make tortillas, salsa.

Meal Plan #2

Here is another example of 4 to 5 meals for 4 people under $25

Make these meals for Under $25

~ Beef & Broccoli on Rice(enough for 2 meals)
~ Homemade Pizza (ingredients can make 2-4 pizzas)
~ Tuna Mac n’ Cheese
~ Carrot Salad
~ Cauliflower Salad

*Making pizza crust (cost approx. $0.75)

  • Macaroni pasta $0.99 – $0.75 coupon= $0.24 (Sobey’s)  
  • Clover Leaf Tuna $0.88 (Lawton’s)
  • Cold Cuts $1.99 (Lawton’s)
  • Green Pepper (FREE from garden)
  • Tomato Soup $0.50 (on hand)
  • Mozzerella Cheese $4.47 (Superstore) earned 1,000pts
  • Mild Cheddar $1.85 (in store special this past week)
  • Beef $4.86 (Sobey’s)
  • Broccoli $1.99 (Sobey’s)
  • Carrots $1.50 (Sobey’s)
  • Cauliflower $1.99 (Sobey’s)
  • Green Onion $0.79(Sobey’s)
  • Tomatoes $4.99 – 50% off (Superstore)
  • English Cucumber $0.99 (Superstore)

TOTAL SPENT $24.55 + 1,000 PC Plus points

Items on hand in house include seasonings, ingredients to make pizza crust, rice and yellow onion.

I will be linking up the recipes as I get them posted on the site. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to doing this each week. It helps me focus and stay on target with my budget and sharing will give you an idea how to do it as well.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Saving,

Ruth Ann

5 thoughts on “$25 Meal Plan – Sept 13/17”

  1. LOVE this feature and would love to see this every week – you would be doing my meal planning for me!

  2. Love that you are sharing these ideas with us, the meal planning and the meal prep, I am going to try these. Thanks Ruth Ann

  3. Awesome idea…I will share this with my 3 daughters. They are always struggling to eat healthy on low budgets.

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!! I need to cut my budget drastically and this is helping me feed my family! THANK YOU

  5. I am so happy these are helping. I am enjoying making them. If nothing else, it gets us to be more creative with our meal selection and how to stretch that budget.

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