Meal Prep Sunday – Jan 7, 2018

Sunday Meal Prep – healthier and back to a routine! This week is all about getting back on track with planning, prepping and making healthier choices.  My meal prep is done for all of our meals, so there are some breakfast, lunch, supper and snack preparations happening in this post each week. This week we … Read more

How to prepare Meals From Your Pantry During the COVID-19 outbreak

Today we are sharing some very basic meals you can make mostly from staples you would have in your pantry already. Included below is a list of all the staples we would suggest having on hand at any time, in case you are planning a trip to the store to stock your pantry.

Cook With Me – Preparing 4 Freezer Meals

Tomorrow night on my Facebook Page, I will be prepping the four freezer meals below. I invite you to prep these meals with me. (The Facebook Video, from Oct 2017, is at the bottom of this post)  Below you will find the ingredients for each recipe. They are all to feed 4 to 6 people … Read more