Road Tripping – An Organized Vehicle

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Heading out on a road trip can be a fun adventure, but it often requires planning and organization. I have put together some ideas to help keep your vehicle organized and functioning for everyone in the family, including your dog (if you have one). All of these items are things that can remain in your car, for easy access. Most are compact or collapsible.


Having space in your car for prepared food and snacks is essential. Coolers or other containers come in handy. You can even use caddies and craft organizers like the ones pictured below.

Caddies are great for holding larger snacks and sandwiches placed in the middle of the back seat. You can find these at the dollar store. Craft organizers are a fun option for snacks like crackers, marshmallows, nuts, granola, etc…


Tablet Mount – The kids in the backseat may enjoy their electronics, but on a long car ride, holding a tablet may put a strain on their necks or arms. Why not put on a movie and connect the tablet to the back of the front seat with a car headrest tablet mount.

Chargers – Speaking of electronics, chances are there are a few you would like to keep charged during your travels. We have a couple of chargers in our car, but not everyone has multiple sources of power to charge devices. There are many options available for multi-port chargers, find some options here.

Trash & Clutter

Trash Can – A collapsible trash can is a great idea for having on a road trip. You can empty at rest stops, but it gives you a place for the waste, instead of the floor or cup holders! 


Trunk Organizers – Another helpful organizer is a Trunk organizer that clips on the back of the seats, keeping your items at arms reach, out of the way and not taking up the prime cargo space.

For smaller items in the trunk cargo area, baskets and collapsable organizers are perfect. You can find many basket options at your local dollar store, or even using reusable shopping bags if you want to save on money. This collapsible bin is great for keeping the smaller items in the trunk from rolling around. 

Pet Supplies

If you are traveling with your dog, there may be some additional things you need to be prepared and organized on your road trips.

Seat & Cargo Mats – If they are in the back seat, a waterproof hammock is a perfect solution to keep the seats clean and your pup comfortable.

Our pup Bo is a back seat pooch. He is a little spoiled, but I anticipate that he will need to be in the cargo area at times on our summer adventures. Here is an option for the cargo area, to help keep the car clean and your dog more comfortable. 

Feeding Bowls – Collapsible dog dishes are a must when travelling. Remember to take regular bathroom breaks and offer your dog a drink and a treat (if they can eat while travelling). These large and medium dishes are perfect to keep in the car for any time you travel.

Poop Bags – Don’t forget to keep waste bags on hand as well. If you have a container with a lid, it would be a good idea to have that in the car as well, for unplanned stops where there may not be a place to dispose of your dog’s waste. Do not leave dog waste on the side of the road or worse, in bags on side of the road. 
These bags are lavender scented and biodegradable and you can also get a holder if you do not already have one. Keep these in the car so you don’t leave home without them.


First Aid Kit – You should have a first aid kit on hand whenever travelling, even for little cuts and scrapes. When on the road, you may not have quick access to a store for bandaids or other first aid items.

Emergency Kit – Be prepared for minor breakdowns with an emergency kit. Try this one with jumper cables, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.

Watch each Tuesday on the blog for more Travel Tuesday tips, hacks and ideas. More ideas for travelling with kids and pets to come!

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