Road Tripping 101: How to Save On Gas

Road trips are always a fun way to spend time together, learn about where we are headed and explore our beautiful province and country. If you are traveling in New Brunswick,  be sure to check out our list of New Brunswick Roadside Attractions or how about Daytripping In NB With Kids?

One of the best ways to save money when road tripping, is to plan ahead and save on gas. Below we are sharing some tips to save on gas purchases.

  1. The #1 way to save on gas is to check gas prices in NB before you hit the road. By looking at the prices along your route, it is possible to save several dollars per tank by comparing prices from one gas station to the next. This will help you decide if you should fill your tank before you head out, or plan a stop a half hour or hour into your journey.
  2. If there are Costco stores with gas bars on your travels, they are often 9 to 10 cents a litre cheaper. Yes, you need a membership to purchase gas, but for $60/year, filling your car alone will be worth the membership if you live in a community with a Costco gas bar.
  3. Well ahead of time, throughout the year,  purchase gift cards during % off promotions. You can often save 10 to 20 percent on these offers. Watch for offers to get a $50 gift card for $45, or similar. Also, by purchasing gift cards a little at a time, say $25 to $50 each month, it will add up and help you spread out the expenses through the year.
    Save On Gas
  4. Gas station point cards can help with your savings as well. Often times they offer multiple points offers throughout the year to double, or maximize your points. Combining that with credit card rewards may be an effective way to save on gas. Check the points programs and decide if you can purchase all your trip’s gas through the same company, helping you save on gas and accumulate the most points on your journey.
  5. Service your vehicle before traveling. A vehicle that is running well will save on gas and be more trustworthy on a road trip. 
  6. Check your tire pressure, even tires will use less gas and be more efficient on travel time as well.

Tips to save on gas


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