REVIEW: SwimWays Dive Characters

REVIEW: SwimWays Dive Characters


If you have a young child, chances are they LOVE their superheroes! My family are huge MARVEL fans, including both my 12 year old and my 2 1/2 year old boys. When I was asked to try out these dive toys, I knew they would be a hit.
They are so duable for in pool and out of pool play. They are posed in positions that make them easy to grab when diving and retrieving them, and also soft and easy to hold onto while wet. They have provided hours of fun both in the pool and out.

My  little guys just loves these MARVEL Avengers dive characters from SwimWays!

They come in a set of 3 soft, flexible toys are fun to play with both in and out of the pool. Use them for dive and retrieval practice to encourage new swimmers. Even for young childrren who are not swimming yet, using these in a wading type pool encourages them to put their face in the water, and helps with learning to feel at ease in the water.


Three MARVEL favourites are included in each pack: Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man.


You can find these toys at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart locations Canada Wide.

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