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Review by Josh G

Today I got to try the Fisher Price S’getti Scatter Game. The setup to play was simple lay the “S’getti” in a crisscross pattern to cover the bowl, then place the 3 meatballs on top. Then one at a time each player pulls a S’getti and as they are taken away the meatballs will fall to the bottom and tip the bowl over. The one with the most S’getti wins.
Game play was fairly simple each round lasted a few minutes. (great for younger children who lose interest in games fairly quick) This game helps your child to think ahead, as you don’t want to pull the S’getti that will make the meatball fall.
The suggested retail price is $14.99 and is on par with what its worth.
The game is made out of hard plastic and is quite durable. So is good for kids that are a bit harder on toys.
Game includes:
  • Wobbling dish & base
  • 16 strands of s’getti
  • 3 meatballs
  • Parent Guide with extended learning and play ideas
  • Ages 3+

The updated Fisher-PriceTM classic comes with two game levels to enhance game play. Each level grows with your child challenging them as they get older and encourage thinking, problem solving, sharing and cooperation. The game includes a wobbling dish and base, 16 strands of s’getti, three meatballs and a parent guide with extended play and learning ideas.
Age: 3+
MSRP: $14.99
Available at Wal-Mart 


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