Review: HEXBUG® VEX® Robotics Ant

HEXBUG® VEX® Robotics Ant
review by Judy B


The “ANT” was first put together by a 14 year old boy. Assembly was difficult and it took over 2 hours and the last few pieces didn’t fit. It had to be taken completely apart and one of the “white pieces”  in the early stage had been put in backwards (061). It was difficult from the instructions to tell which way they had to be put in. This required an adult to figure it out.  There was piece #143- a very tiny washer pictured in black but was actually white (at first thought it was missing). I think it would be difficult for the suggested younger age 8+ to put together without assistance. Once together it worked great.
You can use it like a regular remote control or you can allow it to wander about. If it runs into things it will turn around. You can also program it to behave in a certain way. If you are using it a programmed mode there are 65 combinations to chose from.  You would need to keep the chart with you to know the combinations.  The switches are very tiny & difficult to change positions using your fingers – works better if a pen or stylus is used.


Once together the “Ant” is a good size toy, seems sturdy enough as it is made to run into things (sense them) and turn around without breaking the antenna. Worked on carpet. Fun toy. Play time seems to be 15-20 minutes before child tires of it.  Kids opinion – Cool, Awesome.

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