Review: Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset


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We had the opportunity to test out the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset, by VTech.
It is an elaborate tower of loops, spirals, and ramps.  There are also special Smart Point locations that the (included) car will respond to with music and sound effects when driven over or placed on.  The set is designed for two to five year olds. Our two year old gave it a try.
Our mini-tester was very excited by the bright colours, the different ramps, and loops.  He started playing with the set before it was even completely assembled.  He continues to enjoy the set.  He enjoys racing cars down the different ramps to see how they all travel a little differently.
The set came in a large box.  Adult assembly is required as it comes in several pieces.  One screwdriver is all that is needed (but a skinny one, as we discovered).  The set is fairly easy to put together. Some of the tiny illustrations in the instruction guide were a little difficult to interpret. We ended up using the image on the box as a guide instead.
The set itself seems very sturdy and has kept up with a busy toddler.  The set comes with one Smart Wheels Race Car.  The car talks and sings as it rolls around the ramp and responds when placed on one of the Smart Points.  However, our two year old doesn’t appear to distinguish between the sounds the car normally makes when the car is ‘on’ or when the car passes over a Smart Point.  He just likes that everything makes sounds.  Older children may have a better appreciation of this feature.
The set also has an ‘Electronic Pit Stop’ with two settings: music or phrases.  The button to turn the sound feature on and to make the music play is easy for little hands to use.  Our two year old enjoys the music option and will happily dance to each of the little tunes.  He hasn’t shown as much interest in the other phrases setting.  The phrases might be a feature that older children will appreciate.
The set is very versatile.  The wide tracks allow all his little cars and trains (and even golf balls) to race and loop.  Your child won’t need to use only the Smart Wheel cars.  There are also other Smart Wheel sets that can be connected to this one. I’m sure these other sets would create quite an elaborate system of roads and ramps for busy hands.
This particular set is quite large – more than 3ft long. This provides plenty of room to have a friend or sibling to play alongside.  However, because of the size, it does take up quite a bit of ‘real estate’ in our family room. It isn’t easy to store or put-away at the end of the day.
Overall, our two year old, enjoys the set very much. Even though at his age, he doesn’t get much benefit from the Smart Point features, he still likes being able to use all his cars on the ramps, and to dance to the music.
I think the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset, by VTech is comparable to similar car ramp towers on the market.  It is fairly easy to assemble, has features that will entertain children, and the ramps and loops are versatile enough to allow your child to use all their favourite vehicles – not just the Smart Wheel ones.  The set is similar to the others, but the addition of a music feature, the ‘Smart Points’ and the ability to connect additional sets, makes this set a little more unique. If you are looking for a car ramp tower that will grow with your child, and you feel that your child would appreciate the interactive and electronic features, then the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate Amazement Park Playset might be one that you should check out.
Features include:
 More than 3 feet long!
 8 SmartPoint™ locations
 70+ sing-along songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
 Play and music modes teach colours, vocabulary and music
 Electronic pit stop plays fun phrases, music and teaches colours
 Three fun courses include a ramp course, loop course and a spiral course
 Includes one SmartPoint™ race car that teaches the letter “R” and the name of the vehicle through pretend play
 Flag launcher, rocking platform, pit stop buttons and flip ramp build motor skills
 Connect to other Go! Go! Smart Wheels® playsets to encourage creativity and develop your child’s imagination (each sold separately)
Age recommendation: 1-5
MSRP: $69.99 Retail

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  1. My son has 2 of the other VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels sets and he would love to add this one as well. He loves the sounds and music and to build the roadways himself and he loves car ramps so this would be a perfect addition!

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