Radiant Skin with Karen Lotion + GIVEAWAY

Radiant Skin with Karen Lotion 

*Sponsored Post. All stories and opinions are my own. 

As many of you know, I have been using the Karen Phytoplankton supplements for over a year now. In addition to my daily dose of tablets, I also started using the lotion, and love it. I have very dry feet, elbows and my skin on my arms and back tends to be sensitive and breaks out. I started using Karen Lotion daily  this past month, and the difference is amazing. 


After using this lotion on my son’s skin for the past year, we have noticed a huge change in his excema as well. using it daily has helped prevent flare ups.

My mother has sun damage and rashes on her legs and arms, and after using the Karen Lotion, the red spots have deminished and are no longer rough. She is on her 3rd tube, and this is the first lotion that has helped her. She had been given perscription creams by a dermatologist, that did nothing but make her skin feel more raw. Now it feels like it is healing and is definitely looking much better!

The lotion is Dermatologically tested, Paraben Free, and Hypoallergenic.

Read about the supplements here: MY MORNING PICK ME UP COMES FROM THE OCEAN! 

I am not going to get into all the details of what this product claims or the science behind this natural product, you can visit their website for that. Check them out, read the testimonials, every one is different, and it amazes me how many people have seen enormous benefits from these products. My husband and son have just started taking the tablets and my youngest son uses the lotion. You will hear more about the benefits they get from this addition to their daily routine next month. I want to give them a chance to decide what they think.

In addition to the amazing products, this is a LOCAL business! They are located in Sackville, NB and distribute their products around the world!


You can find out more information about these products on their website at karenphytoplankton.com or visit them on Facebook here

THE BEST PART….they have a 100% Money Back Guarantee!



Enter to win a tube of Karen Moisturizing Lotion. (value $59.99)

Visit our Instagram feed and enter under the contest photo. 

WINNER was Sarah Daily!


*While this post is sponsored through gifted products. My entire family now use the products and rather than financial compensation for my opinion and sharing my story, I requested product.

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