Puppy Diaries #1 – Meet Bo, Our New Addition


Puppy Diaries – Meet Bo, Our New Addition

This series is sponsored by the Maritime Animal Hospital

So, Bo has been living with us now for 6 weeks. He has had 3 homes in his short 14 week life, it’s not what you think, I will explain as we tell his story. He is a Husky mix, rescue puppy and a very awesome addition to my already busy family life.

We brought him home to our house in Moncton on July 15. Lorne, my 14 year old son, and I went to pick him up from his foster family. Lisa fostered and later adopted Bo’s mom, Molly. She took care of the litter of 11 pups, for 8 weeks, and had to say goodbye to each one of them that week. She adopted Bear, one of Molly’s pups as well. Thank you Lisa for taking such great care of our babies!

The pic below is me holding him and introducing him to our family. My husband, Mom and Clayton were all waiting at home to meet him.

From the day we brought him home, he has fit in very well. He sleeps well, like most puppies. He plays hard and boy can he nip! It has been almost 17 years since we have had a puppy in the house, trust me, you forget how crazy they can be. He is some cute though.

Our family are adjusting to having him here, he get’s lots of snuggles, play time and walks. 

Because we have been living out of town for the summer, Bo became accustomed to being in the car often. He curls up and sleeps every time. He no longer fits on our lap in the car, at least for long trips. Coming home yesterday he had the back seat to himself, and he loved it.

In addition to sleeping well, he has been a trooper as we have introduced him to many new situations. He loves beaches & eating seaweed, watch video attached. He goes to the playground with Clayton where it is a great place to people watch and learn manners around adults and children.  He hates the heat and seeks out shade wherever we go, I understand this one, except when we let him out to pee and he runs for the shade of the tree instantly. Hiking so far is not his favourite thing, but that will come as he gets bigger. Then there is digging, well, he is a husky mix. He loves to dig!

Just look at that cute face. The below photo was taken just after he dug a hole at the park. Again, he hates the heat and this is a way to cool off. Dig a hole and curl up in it.

Bo was so fortunate to have a wonderful foster home through the rescue (Kent County Animal Rescue). Lisa taught the pups in his litter some great manners and started them off well. 

He has had very few accidents in the house, in general he is very laid back, except for those few energy bursts each day, and he is learning new things every day.

Fundy National Park #parksCanada

Even the cats are coming around. Seeing as we have been living in Quispamsis with my mom most of this summer, the cats have not had Bo around for more than a few days at a time, when we did get home to Moncton.

Nose to nose with Flash. These two are getting along well. Max, our other kitty is not so keen on the new addition!

He was the perfect puppy for his first visit to the Maritime Animal Hospital. We enjoyed meeting the staff and Dr. Malone was so helpful with our questions and gave Bo a clean bill of health. 

We are now moved back home to Moncton for the Fall and I am looking forward to doing more training with him on a consistent basis. Watch for more installments of Bo’s story in our “Puppy Diaries” series. We will share our ups and downs of all things puppy. This is going to be a fun adventure!

He loves to eat grass too! lol

Do you have a puppy, dog, cat or other pet? In the comment section below, share with us one of your favourite things about having a pet.

*This series is sponsored by the Maritime Animal Hospital. They are helping me bring you content you love, be sure to check their website and social pages. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

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