Puppy Diaries #2 – The Many Adventures Of Our Young Pup!

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Beaches, Parks, and Trails, oh my!

It has been a while since our first Puppy Diaries post, and it is time to give you some updates and share some of our pup’s adorable pics! WARNING: he is growing fast and not so small anymore, but still some cute!

We are adjusted to being home in Moncton full time, and Bo is happy and healthy. He is growing fast and because he is so heavy, he comes on a little pushy at times. But overall he is behaving well, and we are working on socializing. He comes with us almost everywhere. 

He was not used to walking at night, so being back in Moncton with lit streets, he is walking nightly and less timid now. With the leaves on the ground, he is constantly chasing and watching them as they fly by. Ready to pounce at any second! Playful boy 🙂

Like most pups, he loves to sleep! Here are some of the various poses and places he likes to sleep.

Over thanksgiving we visited my mom in Quispamsis and did a little beach adventure from there. We visited Reed’s Beach, on a cool windy day and then stopped for ice cream in St. Martin’s. Bo was not so sure about the waves. He was running into them, until they came at him!

Overall, it has been quieter being back home, and we are into a regular walking and exercise routine now. 

He is exploring and curious, always getting into new things. Having me home all day helps with his energy levels, as I can keep him busy and exercised. This video shows how he bumped into my son’s word magnets…check it out! (You can also follow Bo on Instagram here @Our_Pup_Bo)

Visiting the vet

Bo had the remainder of his puppy needles and is now waiting to be neutered. Well, he knows not what he waits for…but that it the next visit to the vet.

One thing that has changed over the past couple months is how Clayton is behaving around Bo. For a long time, Clayton was a bit afraid of him. He still does not like when Bo gets wild running around and silly, but most of the time they are friends. That will come as they both get older. 

Bo has snuggle time with Lorne every night before going to bed in his crate.

Next steps in this adventure…

Bo needs some training and guidance with his manners towards people and other dogs. Perhaps I should state that I need the training, on how to teach him!! He LOVES people, but can come on strong. He is a puller and jumper, but he does settle down quickly and if the person turns their back, he will not jump. My kids are constantly turning away from him 🙂 Having a teenager and almost 5 year old in the family, it can get crazy and confusing for a pup trying to learn how to behave. We will get there, with some much needed guidance!

When it comes to other dogs, he is actually timid at first, especially with little dogs. They tend to move faster and more erratically, making him nervous. Even in the litter of 11 pups, he was usually on the outside of the huddle!  Must get him out more around other dogs. 

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  1. Bo is totally adorable and I love reading about all of his fun adventures…including his vet visits!

  2. Oh so cute! The puppies just don’t last but they are cute in teenage years as well.

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