Preschooler Thoughts – Cows, Milk and Poop?

Preschooler Thoughts: by Clayton 3.5 yrs old

Preschooler Thoughts – Cows, Milk and Poop?

A little rest on our Journey at King’s Landing Historic Village. Aug 2016

Out of the mouth of babes! I have to start sharing more of these moments with you. Remembering these little tidbits of childhood wisdom and funny moments will get harder as time goes on, so sharing to preserve them and perhaps share with his girlfriend in the future!

Yesterday as Clayton was eating yogurt at the kitchen table.
Clayton: “yogurt and milk is from cows. ”
Hubby: “yes, from cows.”
Clayton: “and sometimes they poop too.”
Us: giggle, giggle “yes, they do that too.”

Now wondering what the thought process was for him yesterday as we explored King’s Landing and encountered many cows.

Where does he think poop comes from? I cannot remember what I have told him about the whole process. oh dear.

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