Prepping and How to Shop with coupons!

Shopping with Natalie: Here’s how she preps and then goes through a complete shop.
We often get questions about how we prepare our shopping trips, so today, in addition to sharing my shopping trip, I’m also going to share how I prepared for it and completed it.   
  • When I plan my weekly shopping trip, first, I copy and paste the entire weekly Moncton Coupon Lady match ups into a new document and then delete the items I don’t plan to buy. I leave each stores title on my list because it makes it easier when price matching.  
  • Then I look through all the flyers to find good deals on the things I need to buy this week, that are not included in the match ups, because there aren’t currently coupons for that product. 
  • After adding those items to my lists, I then look through cash back apps for rebates on items I’m buying and if find a high value rebate, I think back through all to all the flyers and find out where is the best deal. (Salewhale is a big help to, since it’s difficult to remember everything you already looked at.) 
  • I do a rough total so I know what I am expecting to pay.  
  • Then I print my list and hit the store.  I try to remember to place a paper clip on the list.   
  • As I place the item in my cart, I cross it off the list and locate the matching coupon in my binder and attach to the paperclip.  
  • When possible, I prefer to shop weekday mornings – less crowds & line ups, plus generally you get a more experienced cashier which makes the process go quickly.  
  • When I get in line, if I have to wait, I start bringing up the flyers I need to use on my phone. I’ll bring the first store up on Reebee, the second in Flyerify, the 3rd in safari.  
  • I place items on the belt in the order they are on my list so price matching goes smoothly.  
  • I let the cashier know that I am price matching and have lots of coupons, often they turn off their light so no one ends up waiting behind me.  
  • I ask the cashier if she prefers coupons first, with the products or at the end.  
  • After the transaction, I spend a few minutes dissecting my receipt checking for errors or missed coupons before leaving the store.  
  • I also tend to upload receipts to apps right there so I don’t miss out if they run out.  

 Today Amanda and I shopped at WalMart.  Here’s what I bought:

No Frills  
  • Kraft Shredded Cheese – $5.97-$2.00 (printable)=$3.97 


  • LunchMate Kits or Stackers – $1.97-$1.00=$.97 x 2 
  • Black Diamond cheese strings 16’s $4.99 – $1 = $3.99 (booklet)  


  • Black Diamond cheese block $4.99 – $1 = $3.99 (booklet)  


  • Tostitos $3 – used the $3 off case of Pepsi WYB 2 Tostitos coupon  


  • Dempsters Whole Grain Breads $2-$2=FREE (websaver) $1 back from Snap = made $1 
  • Cheerios $1.99  -$1 Multigrain (websaver) = .99
Jean Coutu 
  • Northumberland 2 2% = $3.49 
  • Delissio $4.47 – $2 = $2.47 (box) 


  • gold fish crackers $1.97 x 2 


  • ritzritz crackerfulveggie thins 3/$6 – got 3 


  • pronamel paste $3.96 


  • lettuce $1.97 (not show in photo) 


  • tomato $.82 


  • microwave popcorn $2.47 


  • Sub Buns/ Baguettes $3.67 


  • Hawaiian Punch $1.25 – $1 = $.25 (insert) x2 


  • break time cookies $1 x 2 


  • 8pk pizza pockets $3.97 


  • Hamburger helper $1.67 


  • rice cakes $1 


  • vh sauce $3 ($5 multibuy offer) – bogo printable – @2.50 – $1.25 each
Atlantic Superstore  
  • Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent $2.49 – $1.25 = $1.24 (tpx 3 


  • Pepsi $3.33 – used the $3 off case of Pepsi WYB 2 Tostitos coupon = $.33 


These items would’ve cost me $131 without price matching and coupons.  After the price matches the cost was $93. After the coupons the cost was $63. I received $1 back from snap for bread. Today shopping trip was not a huge savings with coupons, I actually saved more by price matching!  But using both plus app rebates every week equals huge savings over the long run!

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