PLEASE READ: Important info about posting coupons and proper use of printables

From Kim White on my Moncton Coupon Lady – Trades & Trains Group:

It has come to my attention that one of our fellow couponers has been counterfeiting coupons in our local area. I do not know if she is a member of this group but she is a member of another group I am in because she told the cashier at our local Superstore that she copies and pastes coupons pictures from that group , then passes them off at the store. As a result, our Walmart will not take black & white printed coupons anymore, and our Superstore is clamping down on what they will accept. This is not right…it is STEALING…and I am not just talking a couple of coupons…I am talking HUNDREDS of dollars lost to these stores because of this. It is not right and must be stopped because she…and others doing it are ruining it for the rest of us honest couponers! So please IF YOU ARE GOING TO POST PICTURES OF YOUR COUPONS…PLEASE TAKE AN EXTRA COUPLE OF MINUTES TO COVER THE SCAN BAR CODE WITH A PIECE OF PAPER WITH VOID WRITTEN ON IT!!!! I will post an example…no one can pass a printed coupon without a bar code on it…so if it can’t be seen… it cannot be copied. Please help to protect what we have from those who choose to steal! Thanks!!!!

THANK YOU Kim for sharing this. Unfortunately some people either do not realize what they are doing, or do not care! My page is here to educate and share, so I thank you for posting this.

Ruth Ann

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  1. That really is too bad Ruth Ann. Thanks for letting us know. It is hard enough with printed coupons as not all retailers take them and this just reinforces their reasoning. I am going to go on the premise that she didn&#39;t know she was doing wrong and hopefully someone has let her know how her act is criminal. <br /><br />Sherri McLaughlin

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