Paper & Peony Flower Workshop

Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing one of Chantal Larocque’s paper flower bouquets or flower walls in person? The first time I saw her amazingly detailed work in real life was a photo backdrop at Blogjam 2018. It was a lovely display of various sized of flowers put together in a large display for the selfie wall backdrop.

In May I had the pleasure of attending one of Chantal’s paper flower workshops here in Moncton and made this beautiful Peony arrangement in a painted pot. This was a gifted experience from Chantal, all photos, wording and experiences are my own.

We started the workshop off painting the clay pot with Fat Chalk Paint from Front Porch Mercantile, where the workshop was being hosted. Each person received all the flower pieces cut out for us, the flower pot, and all the tools to create a beautiful pot of paper peonies.

I chose to make two large peonies in pink and one yellow one in my bouquet. After we painted our pots, we started to create the flowers using metal spoons to shape the petals. Using florist’s tape and crepe paper for the stems and leaves.

It was a lovely morning spent with others creating these beautiful bouquets of paper flowers. Below are the various flowers created that morning. Aren’t they beautiful?

It was 3 hours of detailed work, and so very rewarding. It is truly amazing the work and fine-tuning that goes into this craft that Chantal has mastered.  

Paper & Peony sells flower kits, you can order on the website, or you can purchase Chantal’s book Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers here. The book contains templates, instructions, and tips for creating your very own paper flower creations.

To stay up to date on workshops and what Chantal is up to you can visit or follow Paper & Peony on Instagram.

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  1. What an interesting morning with beautiful flowers to take home with you.

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