Examples of Paper Bag Albums

When I started scrapbooking, I used 12 X 12 format exclusively. I found it very hard to work smaller, but over time I started experimenting with different sizes and formats.
Paper Bag Albums are a unique album idea that caught on like wild fire for a few years. I love anything I can make with my hands, so starting the project by actually making the album just adds to the fun for me.
The videos and photos below will demonstrate some of the details from a few Paper Bag albums I made. The nice thing about them, besides being 100% homemade (you make the album out of lunch bags, binding them by sewing or gluing), is they contain many pockets you can add more photos or details in.
Sorry about the video quality…this was long ago, in a galaxy far far away…lol, actually, an old phone for a couple of them and my laptop camera for the rest.
In the coming months, as I get back to my craft room. I plan to share a How To Make Paper Bag Albums video and hopefully a few more albums I am creating for myself.

Fairy Theme Album

Fairies were a very popular theme in albums about 4-5 years ago when I was making most of my albums to sell. This is definitely one of my cutest Fairy Theme ones.



Baby Album

A friend of mine purchased this album, it was so much fun to make. I have boys, so I tend to really enjoy creating “girly” custom orders.


Baby027_1 Baby033_1 Baby052_1 Baby071_1 Baby0116_1 Baby1014_1 BabyDetail07_1 BabyDetail08_1

Dog Theme Album

I have made many Dog Themed scrapbooks and layout over the years. This is one of my favourites!



DogAlbum02_1 DogAlbum03_1 DogAlbumCover020_1 DogAlbumTags_1

Memories Album
The video shows the details. Sorry, I have no pics of this one. Sold long ago 🙁 and I can’t find any of the pics I took at the time.

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