We Asked our Facebook Fans…

Besides using coupons and sales, what are some other ways you save money on food for your family? 
Do you buy local meat and produce?
Do you buy in bulk and batch cook?
Bake from scratch? Grow your own garden?
Share your tips to help others. Food is the #1 thing people ask me about in classes.

Here are some of their replies:
Karen: We try to buy in bulk and also whenever possible buy local produce. Just yesterday we bought 20lbs of apples for 13 $ at a local market in Truro, will be making apple sauce and pies to freeze.I have in the past grown my own garden with great success and plan on doing it again this summer

Sarah:  I cook & bake from scratch as much as I can. For example Wednesday I made 4 loaves of bread & cinnamon buns, Friday I made pizza dough, donair sauce & donair meat from scratch. The meat cost me a pack of hamburger which I had in my freezer from a bogo so really it was about $2.00 & spices from the cupboard. I probably would have paid 30 easy for the meat & sauce. That's just 1 example.

Nada Leona: We garden, buy local as much as possible, buy in bulk, scratch cook and bake nearly everything, do lots of preserving (canning, dehydrating, freezing, fermenting, etc). Next year I see hunting and fishing in our future.

Track your savings


As you coupon you will find that $0.50 here and $1 there really do add up.
But how much are you really saving? I am sharing my tracking sheet below to help you keep track. It's worth a few minutes when you come home. Take your receipts out and punch in the numbers. This spreadsheet will tally up your savings.

So the next time someone asks you, "what can you really save with coupons?", you can answer with your numbers!

Happy Savings,
Ruth Ann

Track your savings with this excel spreadsheet.
Here is a PDF version you can print off as well.

Lunch & Learn Opportunity – Couponing 101

Would you like to offer a Lunch & Learn to your staff?
How about teaching them how to make their 
well earned money go even further?

Ruth Ann has been offering seminars in various locations around NB and NS since October 2011.
In addition to the standard 2 hour Seminar, Ruth Ann has also been teaching Lunch & Learn sessions at local businesses, such as Medavie Blue Cross, Ambulance NB, Youth QUEST Central, Université de Moncton, Assumption Life, WorkSafeNB, Moncton Hospital, Town of Riverview, Mount Allison University and more.

She has also been featured on radio, TV and in various publications around New Brunswick and Canada. The Moncton Coupon Lady has also had a regular bi-weekly column on CBC Information Morning Moncton 106.1 fm. Click here to view the news stories and columns.

The following opportunity is available to any business wishing to host a Lunch & Learn.
Lunch & Learn option is ONLY available from Noon - 1pm, Monday - Friday.
If you are looking to do a group class at another time of day, there are group rates available.

****NEW****Lunch & Learn sessions can now be offered in French. Ashley will be teaching future Lunch and Learn sessions in French. If you wish to book her, please contact us and request your class in French.

Host a Lunch & Learn with the Moncton Coupon Lady
1. Lunch & learn rate will depend on # of people attending (usually $50-$75), may vary depending on #s.  (payable to Ruth Ann Swansburg at the time of the class)
2. You have 2 classes to choose from.
3. Class is approximately 45 minutes in length, allowing 15 additional minutes for questions.
4. All participants receive handouts with class details.

For More Details or to book a Lunch & Learn with the Moncton Coupon Lady email Ruth Ann at class@everythingunscripted.com


Magnetic Hill Zoo Customer Appreciation day is August 22! 
$6 Admission for everyone

CLICK HERE to view their seasonal calendar

Daily Activities:

From the end of June until Labour Day, come observe the daily animal feedings:
    Primates: 12:30 p.m.
    Lions: 1:30 p.m.
    Otters: 2:30 p.m.

Thanks Steven & Christine for posting this in the trades group. 

Judy’s Donation Shopping and more…

Thanks for sharing your Shopping Trips Judy! Here is what she purchased with coupons and rebates this week:

Today's Shop -First for donations - 

  • 12 Secrets $2-$2 =Free,
  • 10 Clear $3.62 --5 BOGO 5 -$3 =$3.10
  • 24 Oral B toothbrushes 4/$5 used buy P&G buy 3/$4.50 =$1 plus taxes for all
Total $4.10 plus taxes. 

Still lots left on shelves.

2nd shop at Walmart -this one is for me

  • Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Crunch $4.00 - FPC = free plus coupon on box for free box 
  • Old El Paso kit $4.00 -FPC =Free plus $6 in coupons on box
  • BD cheese slices x2 $2.47 - less $1.50/2 =$3.44 ($5.50 coupons inside)
  • Catelli .99 -$1, Doritos $1.49 - FPC =Free
  • Thinsations x2 -$2 -$1 coupon,$1 checkout 51 =Free ( bought on 2 different receipts & accounts)
  • 2 Glade Car Scents $2.97 -FPC =Free
  • 3 Pedigree Dentastik $1.48-$1 =.48 each
  • 5 Zantac $2.22-$2= .22 each 

TOTAL $5.98 plus tax

Natalie’s Brag Aug 12, 2013

Natalie had a great shopping trip today! Check it out:

$3.40 Out Of Pocket Expense 
The soap was rain checks from when it was 2/$3...so FREE after coupons. Batteries were $4.99 friendly price...so FREE after coupons. Duo tang was $.05 and scribbler $.20.  

Under $2 Out of Pocket for 20 Iogo yogurt drinks
Atlantic Cash & Carry has these on sale for $.69 - $.75 off any Iogo product = FREE (just paid the tax)

Brandy’s Pet Shopping Brag!

THANK YOU to Brandy W for sharing her Pet Supply Brag!
Purchased at Superstore.
"I used all of my coupons from mykitten.ca plus a few more.
bags of kitten food - $6.99 each - used 2 fcp's = FREE cans of wet food - $0.69 each - used 2 fpc's = FREE Cat litter - $8.49 each - used 2 $5 off - paid $3.49 each Whiskas - $6.99 - used 1 FPC and 1 $2 off - paid $4.99 for 1 Dog food - $18.39 (I think) - used 2 $5 off - paid $13.39 each
I know the dog food was 18 just don't remember if it was 39 or 89 cents lol"

New and Expecting Moms- FREE kit at Jean Coutu!

New & Expecting Moms!! Here is what is included in your baby welcome kit available at Jean Coutu Pharmacies.
Simply go to the pharmacy and request the pack. You will be asked to fill out a form to receive it. 

THANK YOU to Natalie for sharing (admin on our Facebook page)

~ Ruth Ann

Judy’s Jean Coutu shopping trip!

Judy Coupon shared her shopping trip today: 

"Here's my shop at Jean Coutu - St George St.
2 Olay body wash, Extra large Bubble bath for the grandson (good deal at $2.99), 8 Oral B toothbrushes, 4 packages Energizer Lithium Batteries, J&J Natural Baby Lotion Cost $8.43 before taxes Reg price $41.42 (according to receipt)"

Thanks for sharing!

Welcome to our NEW Team!!!

I would like to welcome a new group of ladies who are joining me here on the Moncton Coupon Lady site.

This website started a little over 2 years ago as a way for me to share my savings and deals with my friends. Now a registered business, having a media presence, teaching seminars and updating daily with all the great ways to save, it has turned into something MUCH larger than I ever imagined!

After 2 years of doing everything myself, I finally asked for help! Please welcome these ladies to the Moncton Coupon Lady team. They each bring couponing experience, have different backgrounds and will offer their expertise to help you save big.

Welcome to Natalie & Ashley, our New Facebook page Admins!
Also contributing to the website will be Judy, Jill, Brandy and Mel!

Natalie L
"I started Couponing in 2009 when my youngest child was born in order to make my grocery money go further. It has been a roller-coaster of excitement as I learned to save money, created a stock pile, and started making donations. I am grateful for all the amazing life long friends I have made at swaps and from the Trades & Trains page. I am a HUGE fan of Moncton Coupon Lady, and am honoured that I was selected to be 1 of the people sharing deals with you this month!!" ~Natalie

Ashley L
"I have been couponing for roughly a year, but only seriously got into it in February of 2013 to save some money and pay off my last year of university! I want to help others, especially students, learn how to coupon effectively so that they can save money too." ~Ashley