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Gift Review: cloud-b Dreamz to Go Groovy Globe

The cloud-b Dreamz to Go Groovy Globe (pink flowers) shines soothing blue and red shapes on the ceiling and walls and helps children fall asleep. 
My 5 year old is especially fond of it, as she is afraid of the dark and has difficulty falling asleep most nights. This gives her the light she needs, as well as something to look at while she dozes off. 
It is tiny and can be brought to my parents house for sleepovers, or used when friends stay at our house. The kids love it!
I love how it has an auto-shut off at 45 minutes, so I don't need to worry about shutting it off. It also came with the 3 AAA batteries so it was ready to use as soon as I removed it from the box.
I recommend the Dreamz to Go Groovy Globe for anyone with small children and/or Tweens and teens as it make a nice decorative piece also.  ~ Amanda D
Cloud b Links:
Product Details: Dreamz to Go Groovy Globes™  These dreamy lights featuring cool graphics of aqua hearts or pink peace signs are the perfect touch to teen décor as they project a dazzling light show of groovy shapes. They are also great on-the-go companions, helping ease fear of the dark while projecting stars and fish with bubbles.   Light timer and other features:   45-minute auto shut-off ensures complete darkness during children’s deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians   Dreamz to Go Groovy GlobesTM Pink Flower projects in soothing blue and red colour options   Dreamz to Go Groovy GlobesTM Aqua Flower projects in soothing blue and green colour options   Requires 3 AAA batteries; batteries are included      Age: 0+  MSRP: $24.99  Available now at independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada 
Contest starts Wednesday, Nov 5, 2014 (7pm Atlantic) - Nov 14, 2014 (7pm Atlantic) Open to: CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY

Holiday Gift Review: Cloud B – Dreamz To Go Octo Pinkle

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to review a great product from Cloud B! If you've never heard of this company before, they create products specially designed for children to help with any kind of sleep problems (or if your kids don't have any problems, they do look cute in their rooms!). You can read more about Cloud B on their website.
My Story:
My daughter, Harper, is close to 6 months old. She is what many would call the quintessential perfect baby (I'm not tooting my own horn, she really is perfect!) She slept her nights from the first day home in the hospital, and rarely (if ever) cried. What more could anyone ask for? It wasn't until recently that she started to develop sleeping problems. She would start waking up in the middle of the night, not hungry or teething. She just wasn't falling asleep soundly. We had slowly transitioned her from being swaddled at night, but she still slept with a pretty bright lamp on in the room. If we tried to turn it off, she would have an absolute meltdown. I needed to come up with a solution (my sanity depended on it). I was then approached with the opportunity to review the Cloud B Dreamz To Go Octo Pinkle. It was an absolute lifesaver!
Why It's So Great:
First off, there is absolutely no assembly required, which is a great feature in and of itself. It already comes with 3 AAA batteries so you don't even have to worry about taking all the batteries out of your remotes to use it.
As for it's use, it would definitely be great for any child! Whether or not they have issues with either being in a dark room, or need help falling asleep.  As for Harper's case, she didn't like being in a dark room, so this product was perfect! It's really simple to use! There are two buttons on the back: one turns the light on, and the other changes the light color from blue to red. Pretty simple, right? It projects little stars, fish blowing bubbles and circles on the walls and ceiling. I turn it on when I start reading her a story and it definitely has a calming effect:
This product is also very durable! Your child wouldn't be playing with it directly so there's no way for it to get broken. I've dropped it a few times on our laminate flooring, and it hasn't even scratched it. There is also a 45-minute timer on the light, so your batteries aren't wasted with the light being on all night - plenty of time for your little one to fall asleep!
This product retails for $24.99. In my opinion, it's worth every penny! In a week, we've gone from rocking Harper for almost an hour to get her to fall asleep to her self-soothing and out like a light in 15 minutes, max. I wish I had received one from my baby shower!
~ Ashley L
Cloud b Links:
Product Details:
Dreamz to Go Octo™ - Pinkle & Bluee
The dreamy lites collection is great décor for any bedroom, a charming on-the-go companion and a compact solution for soothing sleep no matter where bedtime lands. Based on the original Twilight TurtleTM, these ‘dreamy lites’ octopuses come in two fun colours that project stars and friendly little fish blowing bubbles, while illuminating in soothing shades, helping ease fear of the dark.
Light timer and other features:
 45-minute auto shut-off ensures complete darkness during children’s deep sleep, as recommended by pediatricians
 Dreamz to Go Octo™ Pinkle projects in soothing blue and red colour options
 Dreamz to Go Octo™ Bluee projects in soothing blue and green colour options
 Requires 3 AAA batteries (included)
Age: 0+
MSRP: $24.99
Available now at independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada

Shopping with Natalie: Clearance Halloween!

Well, I feel ready for next Halloween. I love the deals you can find after holidays! I babysit children, therefore I'm always looking to save money on decorations, party supplies and of course treat bag loot. 
When I went to superstore in Bathurst yesterday - they had many items for $.24 including masks, caution tape, make up, treat bags, fake rats, vampire teeth, spiderweb kits etc. 

This afternoon I decided to check Riverview superstore. There were no $.24 items but some deals there for sure! I got cups and plates and napkins and some decorations, window clings and pumpkin flags. 

Next, I checked Jean Coutu. Decorations were approx 90% off. I got the large Skelton for $3.40 ($19.99 before) 2 hanging zombies for $1.20 ($5.99 before) and the face mask in the front rang it for regular price so I got it free from SCOP because the it was a shelf price. 
Lastly I checked Shoppers and got the light up ghost necklace and pens that light up and play spooky music. 

In all I spent $27 on Halloween items. Before Halloween these same items would have cost $193 . 

Also at superstore in Riverview the electronic section has some great deals. Most have 25% stickers however the prices before sticker are very low. Tablets and portable game systems, tons of games, floor model music players, games and movies and tons of accessories. 
I bought a DSxl accessory kit including a doc, it was 25% = $7
I also purchased an xbox game.

My total order was over $50 at superstore and I earned 10,000 PC points today which is worth $10. 

Shopping with Amanda

Here is the break down of Amanda's awesome shopping trip yesterday!

Multigrain rice crispies shapes- $5.49-$1.00=$4.49
Checkout 51 has $6.00 cash back offer means I made $1.51
Cheerios-$3.00 (no coupon, but the free juice offer is on the box=great deal)
Lipton Chai Tea- $.99x3- $1.00=FREE
Checkout 51 offer of $3.00 wub Lipton tea= $3.00 money maker, plus SCOP gave me one free
Olay Facial Cleanser- $6.49 with a 50% off sticker =$3.47-$2.00 coupon=$1.47

I made a total of $2.55 on this trip!

Chips- 5/$3 x 5= $5.00
Reese Peanut Cups- $3.49
Vector- $6.49x2= $12.98-FPC's=FREE
Graves Apple Lemonade- $.99-$1.00= FREE
Oreo Gingerbread- $2.49 (no coupon but wanted to try them)
OOP- $9.91
Checkout 51- $5.00 cash back when you buy 2 vector products
Total OOP-$4.91

Shopping with Ruth Ann: FREE is always good!

Yesterday,  Natalie,  Amanda and I went to Bathurst to teach a Coupon Seminar. While we were there we did  little bargain hunting.

Here are the deals I picked up:
2X Vector cereal $6.49 =$12.98
+ $5 CO 51 cash back

5X Ringalos 5/$3

Total before coupons and cash back: $15.98
TOTAL OOP=$3.39 (with tax)
Plus $5 back from Checkout 51, making $1.61

3X Lipton Chai Tea $0.99 =$2.97
- $1 coupon(3) = FREE

2X Lipton Chai Tea $ 0.99= $1.98 -$0.99 (*scop)

2X Hugga bear vanilla cookies $2.49= $4.98
- 50% off =$2.49

1X Rice Krispies MultiGrain $5.49
- $1 (tear pad) = $4.49
+ $6 CO 51 cash back

Total before coupons and cash back: $15.42
TOTAL OOP = $8.93
Plus $8 cash back from Checkout 51, $0.93

*When we went through the checkout,  the kcups rang in witha deposit (which was an error). Stopping at customer service to have it removed, they also gave me one free with the SCOP (scanning code of practice).

Out and about shopping with Sara

So my wife went out shopping today and got pretty much all our Christmas shopping done. and got some amazing deals along the way and a big thanks to Judy for rescuing her. 

So one of my pc points offers this week was get 16,000 points when you spend 40$ on toys and a few weeks back there was a coupon for 5$ when you spend 25$ on certain toys and today they released a new one for 25$ off a 49$ purchase. 

So here's the break down:
total retail 328.44
coupons 120.00
pc points 110.00$ 
total oop 98.44 

Gas Savings! Check out this brag, HUGE savings

You can save on gas prices, if you plan a little and actuall use those receipts!
check out what Michelle posted to our Facebook page tonight. SUPER savings Michelle. WAY TO GO.

SAVE YOUR CENTS OFF GAS COUPONS FROM SOBEYS! (and if you're not, I'll gladly take them off your hands lol)

Check out what I saved tonight...
$91.14 in gas ONLY cost me $1.14. 
(I still have 2 × 5c/l off gas but better to save since we only had to pay less than 2c/ for 75l). 

PLUS I got $2.63 back to use at Sobeys tomorrow for groceries for Better Food Tuesdays at Sobeys, spend $10 in produce section, get a coupon for $10 off $20 to be used Wed-Sat!
~ Michelle Chevalier - Mckillop