Donations needed to help Homeless Community in Moncton

Jerrica, a fellow couponer, was asking on our trades page for coupons for toothpaste and toothbrushes. Since we donate as a group to various organizations each month, I thought we may be able to help as a group. We just finished our collection from October today, so I would like to share her project with you now as our November Donation Drive.

All Donations need to be in by Nov 15th. 

Please contact Jerrica for more info or to arrange delivery or pick up.
Jerrica's email address is, and her phone number is 850-2640

The following is a bit about what she and the other Nursing students are working on for the homeless community in our area.

"As third year nursing students, we were assigned to partner with the Salvus clinic during our community clinical experience. Using the Nursing Process, we have performed a needs assessment of the vulnerable populations from the Greater Moncton Area and found that with the winter months approaching, this would be an important issue to address. We decided that an event that would address primary prevention for winter-related illness through administering influenza vaccines, educating the population on strategies to keep warm, serving a hot meal, providing information about local resources available, offering winter clothing and hygiene kits. This population is more susceptible to illness because of their physical environment, risky behavior, and the barriers present to health care services. The event will be held in the Peace Centre on November 21st where most of our population is familiar with and no one will be denied access. Our aim is to reduce the incidence of illnesses such as influenza, common colds, respiratory infections, and frostbite. The Salvus clinic has committed to providing the space for our event, the needed supplies for administering the influenza vaccines, and nursing and medical expertise. We will be relying on donations from our families, churches, grocery stores, and other organizations. We feel privileged to be able to develop such a program to this vulnerable population. We will be advertising for this even through invitations left at the Salvus clinic, Harvest House, and Youth Quest."

We are looking to complete between 50 and 100 hygiene kits, the actual number really just depends on how many donations and what we come up with in the end. We will not deny any donation as anything that is left over will be left at the Salvus clinic & Harvest House for those that come through their doors and are in need. So far I have been able to cover all of the body wash through what I have stocked up on this summer, as we have taken small bottles and filled them using larger ones. However items that we are still looking for include, but again are not limited to as this population can use pretty much anything that we provide them with.

  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Bar soap
  • Condoms
  • Shampoo (any size bottles)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Kleenex

We are also doing a winter clothing drive, mainly among the students and our families simply because we have not been given permission from the Peace Center to allow drop offs there nor at the campus due to privacy issues; however, if people wanted to donate items I would have no problem arranging a time and place to meet them for drop offs/pick ups. The items we are looking for here are hats, mittens, scarfs, old jackets, and socks are most  often requested.
Jerrica is in Moncton pretty much every day between classes and work, so can arrange pickups. My email address is, and my phone number is 850-2640. 

Shopping With Natalie: Shopper’s Haul and weekly groceries

Shopping with Natalie: Oct 19-20, 2013

This weekends shops: Thursday, I stopped in to Lawton's for the last day of the sale. White Swan Tissue was $0.50 and I had 7x $0.50 off coupons. I paid $0.45 for all 7 boxes!
On Sunday I went to Shoppers to take advantage of the event (18, 500 bonus points WUS $75).
I try to buy things that my family would be buying that week as much as possible!
Here is what I got:

  • 2x Arm & hammer Laundry $3.99 - 1 = $2.99 each 
  • Danino Yogurt drinks $3.99 - .50 = $3.49 
  • Advil liquid gels $12.49 - 3 = 9.49 
  • Tostitos & salsa = $5 - $ (peelie) = $3 for both 
  • ML Hot Dogs & Bens Buns (used free buns WUB HDs coupon) $2.99 for both 
  • Clear Shampoo $5.99 - $3 (peelie) = $2.99
  • Clear Conditioner $5.99 = FREE - used BOGO from Unilever (bottle had $3 peelie that I saved for next shop) 
  • Clear Men's Shampoo $5.99 - $3 (peelie) = $2.99 
  • Degree Men's Antiperspirant $5.49 = FREE (used Buy men's Clear get free Degree)

No Coupon: 

  • Breton crackers - close to date clear out = $.99 
  • 8x Pepsi = $8 
  • 6x 6pk flavored water = $9 
  • Sunny D $1.99 
  • 2x Fruitopia = $3 
  • Dad cookies $1.99 
  • Goldfish crackers $2.49 
  • Kraft singles $5.99 
  • 2x Campbells Soup $.69 each 
  • $4.70 total bottle deposit

It was $109.44 before tax & coupons I paid $83.74 after tax and coupons.
Received $2 rebate on Clear shampoo from Checkout 51
Earned 20, 540 points - worth about $30 Bringing total out of pocket down to $50

Next shop: Finding these peelies for Clear on the product at Shopper was exciting. It got me thinking, what if other SDM locations have them too! Maybe they would have 13 total on the shelf with the peelie than I could spend another $75 before coupons and get the bonus points again! Then I realized that if I could round up enough free conditioner WUB Shampoo and FREE Degree WUB Men's Clear coupons, I could use 1 for each I buy, and even though they don't count towards my total of $75 I would get all those free products which would be great for donations. And the $ value of point I will earn is almost equal to what I will spend in just this transaction. I have great friends who shared some BOGO coupons when I explained what I was trying to do. Another friend at the swap had the $3 off from an insert that she shared, and then I went to the Dieppe SDM and there were enough products with peelies to do the shop!!
I got:

  • 4 Men's Clear 
  • 4 Men's Degree 
  • 9 Shampoo 
  • 9 Conditioner 

Before tax & coupons it was $153.74
After coupons and $10.02 in tax, the total was $43.77
I earned 20, 330 points. (Which is worth almost $30)
I also earned $2 back from Check Out 51 on my husbands phone.
So OPP is close to $11.

I also did my regular Superstore shop.
No amazing deals, so I wont bore you with all the details, but I still saved $ 17.67 from coupons and $ 13.26 from employee discount. I only used 2X FPC for yogurt the rest were all just $ off coupons. Saved 25% of my total grocery bill.


I don't know about you, but I am sure hoping for a Super Spend your Points Event really soon!!

Thanks for coming shopping with me.


Gluten Free Coupons

Are you looking for ways to save on a Gluten Free Diet?
There are more and more Gluten Free products available on the market every day. Watch for them in grocery stores, where you will also start to see Tear Pad coupons for them.

Here are some companies that will give you coupons toward GF products:
Enjoy Life (Printable)
Healthy Shopper (Printable or order booklet)
Glutino (email and request coupons, tell them you are Canadian)
Catelli Gluten-Free Pasta  (this is a coupon, mailed to you)

Just for your reference:Here is a conversion chart for Wheat Flour amounts with the GF flour option
found on SheSugar 

Your Coupon Questions Answered by Natalie

Thank you Natalie for answering our readers questions this week!
Here are some answers to questions from our readers:

Your Questions Answered!!
A recent Give-a-away encouraged new couponers to share questions they have.  I have done my best to answer each question.  There are 2 things that I tell every new couponer I talk to. 

The first is, Ruth Ann offers coupon seminars.  I HIGHLY recommend them. You can learn it all in just 2 hours! And start saving money right away, here is a link to the upcoming seminars: CLICK HERE to view events

The second thing is that EVERYTHING you need to learn can be found on the website.

You will see tabs along the top and left side with many categories. Spend time exploring each to make the most of your savings.   On the right there are even helpful videos, that include topics like how to organize your coupons.   Sign up for the daily news letter on the website - you'll get all the latest deals and coupons sent to you by email everyday!  You can follow her here Facebook as well as twitter, Youtube and Pintrest 🙂

Here is a link to the Facebook page:

1. what is fpc?
Free Product Coupon
For more Coupon Lingo explained CLICK HERE

2.  I'd really like to know where people get FPCs
~Typically FPCs are from a promotion.  More and more these promotions are being held on the their company Facebook page.  Often with a limited number of coupons available and a limited window allowed for ordering, following the trades page and The Moncton Coupon Lady Facebook page, and the trades page you will be kept in the loop when these promotions "go live".  They are also obtainable from PINS which can be found inside specially marked packaging (cereal & snack boxes for example). 

3. How long do you people spend a week couponing. How much do you save. Do you got a great stock pile?
~In the beginning, when I just started collecting coupons for the things I buy and placing everything else in bag to bring to the swap, it didn't took 10 minutes a day to order coupons and 10 minutes or less to organize.  Time is definitely the one of the biggest things you have to invest to get maximum savings. How much time is spent would vary from person to person and would also depend on if they also trade coupons and volume of coupons we have to organize and how rapid new ones arrive.  Myself I spend at least 5 hours a week trading and organizing - adding new coupons I get from swaps and trades etc.
Before I starting using coupons I spent $200 +++ on grocery items each week for my family of 4 plus the children I babysit Now I spend around $100.  Plus another $25 - some weeks - to stock up.  If you do the math, that's about $5000 a year!!!!!
I couponed for 18 months before I gave up "brand loyalty" and started using whatever product was cheapest or hopefully free.  That was when I started to stock products.  85% of my stock pile are items I bought for $.50 or less.  The remainder are items I used regularly and found a fantastic deal for!!

4. Do all stores take coupons?
~Most major retailers do.  Walmart, Superstore, Sobey's, Shoppers, Jean Coutu, Lawton's, Giant Tiger, Coop etc all take coupons, each store has their own coupon policies. 
That information can be found on the website: CLICK HERE to view Store Policies

Here are some local stores who do not accept coupons: XS Cargo, Liquidation World & Dollarstores.

5. I am not clear on how people stack coupons.
~You can't stack coupons in NB.  In other provinces, some stores allow multiple coupons to be used on the same product as long as the coupon has different UPC codes which is why you often see people asking for a specific UPC code.

6. If its 2/$3.00 can you use 2 coupons for that product or cuz its buy two..can you only use one coupon?
~You are buying 2 products for $3 so yes, you could use a WUB2 (when you buy two) coupon.

7. what are the 'rules' of trading coupons?
Here are the rules for our trades page:  CLICK HERE to view rules and guidelines on our trades page

8.  I never see printable a on here for trade, is it not common to trade them??
There are several reasons you don't see a lot if printable coupons for trade posted on the trades page.
- they generally have short expiry dates
- people tend to only print what they need because if would be a waste if they weren't able to trade it.
- more and more retailers or specific locations of retailers are refusing printed coupons altogether or are very or are very strict on the guidelines because of fraud and misuse.
I print & use printed coupons regularly.  Here are some that are currently available: CLICK HERE

And here are some tips on how to spot a fraudulent coupon: CLICK HERE

9. Wondering where to get coupons from...Times? What magazines? I have ordered a few from p&g and websaver...any other sources? I would love to know.
Here is a list: CLICK HERE for Where to Find coupons in Canada

10. Do all stores take printed coupons from the net?
No they don't and stores are taking them less and less due to fraud and misuse.  It is best to check the stores coupon policy or call before going in to avoid disappointment.

11. I see people with coupons from magazines but not sure which magazines to find them in.
The are often in Canadian Living, however,
Here is an excerpt from the where to find coupons link that is provide in # 10 above
You may also find coupons in Canadian Magazines. I would not suggest subscribing to a magazine JUST for the coupons, but if you already read certain Canadian magazines,
watch for coupons. If you do subscribe to a magazine, chances are you receive more coupons than the News stand version. Most subscriptions come wrapped in plastic and
often contain recipe booklets, samples, etc...that's where you will find even more coupons!"

12. What is a good amount of money to trade when trading coupons for Canadian tire money or coupons for stamps. Where I am new people are asking for these but I never know what to trade and what some are asking for seems very high.
Knowing what stamps and Canadian Tire $ are worth is very difficult to decide.  I guess it comes down to whatever you are comfortable with.  If it feels too high then don't do the trade and keep looking.
Personally I think the norm is 1 stamp for every $5 worth of coupons.  I think it would be $.65 for every $5, similar to a stamp.
Its also common, and understandable that people do not want to trade FPCs or HV (High Value) coupons for stamps & CT $. 

13. why is just some locations in Canada able to stack well others aren't (where I'm from we can't)?
~In NB we can't stack because we do not have any retailers who allow it. The only stores who officially allow stacking of manufacturer coupons are Save On Foods and London Drugs, both Western Canadian stores.

14. I do not too bad with being able to stock pile detergents, shampoos, body wash, etc. - wondering how to get more food coupons?
Attending a coupon swap is a great way to get more of the coupons you want. They are held in Moncton, Riverview & Dieppe on a biweekly basis.   Anyone can attend. Unlike a trade you don't need to have coupons to offer!!
Food coupons are often the most difficult to obtain multiples of because they are often limited by Facebook, websaver, etc.  Or they available in booklets or tear pads at the stores, but they go quickly when available. 
The best way to get more of the ones you want is to trade the ones you have and wont use for ones you will.  This can be an overwhelming process in the beginning for some people but please remember the trades pages admin are happy to help you get started!
Here is a link to that page, you need to request to join.

I love answering questions and helping people who are new to couponing. 
I hope that this helps all of you who are still learning the ropes.

What is a train? CHOO, CHOO (in relation to trading coupons)

What Are Coupon Trains?

Just like coupon trading, coupon trains are a great way to trade all those coupons you can’t use for coupons that you need.

The person who starts the train (conductor) puts together a bunch of coupons that she/he isn’t going to use, and posts on the group that she is starting a new train, and needs riders. The members who want to join let the conductor know with their name, address, and any “wish list” they might have. The conductor types up a sheet with all that info, and mails it to the first person on the list. That person takes out whatever coupons she/he wants, plus any that have expired or are about to, and replaces them with new ones of equal value. Then she/he mails it to the next person on list.

1. Don’t add in a bunch of coupons nearing their expiration date.(there may be a date chosen that all coupons must expire later than)
2. Don’t add a ton of duplicate coupons. 3 of the same coupon is plenty
3. Pay attention to other people wishlists (if applicable) and try to put in coupons that they are searching for.
4. Be quick about getting the train in the mail to the next person. Within 48 hours is standard practice.

I hope this helps in understanding trains! Join in the fun on our trades page: CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Ronald MacDonald House Atlantic (in Halifax): What they need

Ronald MacDonald House Atlantic (in Halifax)

In September 2013 we collected donations in support of the Ronald McDonald House Atlantic.
THANK YOU to everyone who donated and a special Thank You to Natalie for gathering the donations and transporting them to Halifax! (they will be delivered this weekend)


Our House is dedicated to helping seriously ill or disabled children by providing them and their families a caring and supportive “home away from home” and by extending this care to the hospital setting in Maritime communities through our Ronald McDonald Family Room® program.

Here is a list of what we are looking for in donations. 


Products must be sealed in New and Unused condition. 

Ronald McDonald House Wish List
We have partners that already provide sugar, flour, bread, coffee/tea and cleaning
supplies, along with paper products such as kleenex, toilet paper and paper towel.

Baking Supplies
Canned Goods (continued)
Baking Powder
Salmon - canned
Baking Soda
Soups (Cream of Mushroom/Celery)
Bran, Wheat Germ
Soups - tomato, chicken noodle, broths, bouillion cubes
Butterscotch Chips, Skor Bits
Tomato/Pasta Sauces
Cake and Muffin Mix
Tuna - canned
Chocolate Chips
BBQ Sauce
Cooking Oil
Cooking Spray - Pam
Cream of Tartar
Dried Cranberries, Blueberries
Extracts (Almond, Vanilla)
Jello/Pudding - Instant
Peanut Butter
Muffin Liners
Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts)
Soya Sauce
Spices - Dried (Thyme, Oregano, basil)
Pie Crust - Pre Made
Spices - Garlic, chili & onion powder, celery salt, cayenne,
Pie Filling
Worchestershire Sauce
Spices (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, etc)
Yeast - Quick Rising Dry
Brown Paper Lunch Bags

General / Snacks
CFL Light Bulbs
Cereals (R Krispies, Corn Flakes, Shreddies,
Large Kitchen Garbage Bags
Quick Oatmeal, Cheerios, Raisin Bran)
Lysol Wipes
Crackers - saltines, wheat thins, Ritz
Parchment Paper
Fruit Snacks
Saran Wrap
Goldfish Crackers
SOS Pads
Granola Bars
Tin Foil
Nutrigrain Bars
Wax Paper
Pasta (Macaroni, Rotini, Penne, Spaghetti)
Ziploc Baggies (Various Sizes)
Storage containers - small & medium (leftovers)

Canned Goods
Baked Beans
Disposable Razors
Canned Spaghetti/Alphagetti/Ravioli
Canned Veggies/Corn, Beans, Carrots, Mushrooms
Shampoo/Conditioner - travel size
Kidney Beans
Tomatoes - canned diced, stewed, whole
Flakes of Chicken/Ham
Fruit Cups

Hero Packs (Another way to donate)

Shopping With Natalie: Oct 5-6

I thought I would bring readers on a weekend full of shopping trips with big savings.  

Although Walmart price matches, I still find myself going to other stores for fruit/veggie & meat deals. I enjoy shopping clearance carts and looking for new tear pads also. I also shop at SDM a lot, because of the points promos.  

Each week, after reviewing the flyers and match ups, I make a list for each store. I then decide if all the items on a particular stores list are available at Walmart, I will price match that store while at Walmart.  

I also try to leave Walmart for last, price matching any items that were sold out at the store they were on sale at. I always request a rain check at the original store also to use at a later date.   This weekend I went to:

WALMART Here's what I got for $10.66  2x Windex Touch Ups - sale 2 x $2.96, used BOGO and $2 off coupons = $1.48 each  1x Becel PM coop $3.99 - $1 coupon = $2.99 6x Delmonte veggies $1 -$.75 WUB 2 coupon $.62 each 4x King size Chocolate bars $1.38 BOGO coupons = $.70 each (save $1.14 on multi-buy 3for$3 - didn't know this until after) 4 boxes of Fibre 1 cereal $4.97 each - FREE after coupon from PIN promo In all I used $30.85 in coupons.  

(Right Click on images to open in new window larger)

 SOBEYS $19.97 Great find in clearance cart, 50% off toothpaste - Colgate sensitive - recent insert had a $2 off coupon - making them $0.39 each. I got all 4 for donations. They don't expire until next March! I also used 2x$1 off coupon on lady products on sale for $3.99.  Other sales I took advantage of were Pillsbury dough $2.50, whole pineapple $2, bananas $.79 / lb & Pepsi 2L $.99.  In all I used $11 worth of coupons.   

 Shoppers Drug Mart1st transaction  2x$50 gift cards = 1000 base points 
2nd transaction Here's what I bought: 3x Sheriff pie mix $1.67 each - used 2x$.50 off coupons, plus buy 2 get 1 free coupon = $.78 each 3x Cup a soup $.88 - $1 WUB Knorr Products =$.56 each Q-tips $2.99 -$1 = $1.99 Helmans Mayo - $2.79-$1 = $1.79 5x blue trash bags @$1 each Pepsi x 4 = $5 Peanut Butter $2.99 Flavored water 1.99 x 4 Koolaid Jammers $1.99  Saved $21.67 with coupons  Saved $53.76 because of sales And spent $44.75 while earning 10, 800 points! Earned $5 back from checkout 51 rebate for buying energizer lithium. 

3rd transaction 10 pk of Energizer lithium 2pk batteries on sale 50% off @ $5.99 each - $5 coupon for each making them $.99.  The total for this transaction was $17.69 after I saved $60 from sales and $50 in coupons.  Earned $5 back from checkout 51 (my husbands phone) rebate for buying energizer lithium.  
This yielded me 11, 800 points.   

 For my 2 Shoppers transactions, I spent $62.54, saved $186.53 ($71.67 of that was coupons - rest is sales) AND earned 23, 600 Shoppers optimum points which is worth over $30!!   
Lawtons I got 20 packages of Ivory soap for $2.58 - which is just taxes.  It's on sale for $.99 and I had $1 off coupons for each from the recent brandsaver insert.   

Superstore Superstore is my "home" grocery store. It's where I buy produce and meat that is not on sale elsewhere along with any other items that my family needs for the week.  My husband is employed by LobLaws so I feel it's important to shop there whenever possible, we also save 10% on everything (at the before coupon price).  Today before coupons and discounts my total was $132.61, then I used $40.81 in coupons and saved $13.30 from his employee discount for a total savings of 40%.  I'm not going to break it all down so here's a snap shot of the groceries and my receipt.  

I have to say that even I am really surprised to say I saved $174.30 in coupons this weekend which is more than the amount of money I spent.   I'm sad to say that I don't track my savings each week anymore but I think if I have learned anything writing this article, it would be that I should, because it would be very rewarding to see that running total!! 

Thanks for coming shopping with me!  

I would never have dreamed a few years ago that savings like this were possible and I owe it all to The Moncton Coupon Lady, Ruth Ann Swansburg. She taught me everything I know by taking her seminar and following her blog and Facebook page.  

Happy Couponing Everyone! 
~ Natalie

Thank you to Natalie for the great blog post. She is an admin on our Facebook page, and Trades Group. You will see more from her in the future here on the MCL Blog.
~ Ruth Ann 

Tip of the Day: Coupons and BOGO sales

Combine BOGO Sales with Coupons

As many of you know you CAN use a coupon on the item you are purchasing during a BOGO Free sale. This is a topic of discussion every time there is a BOGO sale.
The reason you can use coupons with these type of sales is this: You are purchasing the first item (with coupon or without, it does not matter). Once you have purchased the item, then you get the second item free.
Below you will see examples of how to use BOGO and $ coupons with a BOGO sale. 
For example:
FLYER DEAL: Cereal $3.99 BOGO sale = Pay $3.99 for 2 boxes = $2 each
ADD THE COUPON: Cereal $3.99 - $1 coupon = Pay $2.99 for 2 boxes = $1.50 each
ADD A BOGO COUPON instead of $1 coupon: Cereal $3.99 - BOGO FREE coupon= 3 Boxes for $3.99 = $1.33 each

Happy savings!

Ruth Ann Swansburg
the Moncton Coupon Lady

Feeding the Kids: Finger Food Pancakes

I am whipping up a batch of Sweet Potato and Apple pancakes for my little guy! They are yummy, I may not get many into the freezer. LOL
I am finding feeding him tougher now that he wants to feed all those pureed veggies in my freezer are being turned into pancakes or muffins so he can have them as finger food!

How do you get creative and frugal when feeding your children healthy options?

Sweet Potato & Apple Pancakes

  • 2 cups pureed cooked Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 peeled finely chopped Apple (I used Ida Red, you can use any slightly sweet & soft apple)
  • 2 cups Flour (rice flour OR Rice Cereal ground)
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 eggs (you can use yolks only if you choose for younger babes)

Add Milk to make it gooey ( Consistency should be able scoop spoonfuls easily into pan, but not runny.)

Mix all wet ingredients together and in separate bowl combine dry ingredients. Slowly fold in and the stir wet ingredients into dry.

Heat non stick fry pan on medium heat. Place batter by the spoonful into the pan and spread out a little. Remember these are for little ones, so don't make them too big. Flip once browned and remove from pan. Just like regular pancakes!

Once cooked place on cooling rack and then in ziplock bags with parchment paper between each one (this allows for easy removal from freezer, one pancake at a time)

***I have also made these using Peas & Carrots. Really, the combinations are endless. I have a boy who does not want my from the farm pureed veggies that are neatly frozen for his meals! So, I decided this was a great way to give him finger food, and his veggies at the same time 🙂

We Asked our Facebook Fans…

Besides using coupons and sales, what are some other ways you save money on food for your family? 
Do you buy local meat and produce?
Do you buy in bulk and batch cook?
Bake from scratch? Grow your own garden?
Share your tips to help others. Food is the #1 thing people ask me about in classes.

Here are some of their replies:
Karen: We try to buy in bulk and also whenever possible buy local produce. Just yesterday we bought 20lbs of apples for 13 $ at a local market in Truro, will be making apple sauce and pies to freeze.I have in the past grown my own garden with great success and plan on doing it again this summer

Sarah:  I cook & bake from scratch as much as I can. For example Wednesday I made 4 loaves of bread & cinnamon buns, Friday I made pizza dough, donair sauce & donair meat from scratch. The meat cost me a pack of hamburger which I had in my freezer from a bogo so really it was about $2.00 & spices from the cupboard. I probably would have paid 30 easy for the meat & sauce. That's just 1 example.

Nada Leona: We garden, buy local as much as possible, buy in bulk, scratch cook and bake nearly everything, do lots of preserving (canning, dehydrating, freezing, fermenting, etc). Next year I see hunting and fishing in our future.