Shopping with Ruth Ann – Target 87% Savings

I went shopping with Natalie a few days ago, and if you read her shopping trip post, I have some similar items.
I don't shop for large quantities very often anymore, as we have what we need most of the time. This was to pick up a few things and donation/gift items.
Here is what I bought:

  • Old El Paso Kit $4 - $2 ( = $2
  • 2X Children's Advil $4.99 - $3 Target - $3 (printable) = FREE
  • 2X Glade Burners $11.99 - $6 Target - $6 (Insert) = FREE
  • 2X Tide $5.99 - $1 Target - $1 (Insert) = $3.99 each
  • 2X Dawn $1.99 - $0.50 Target - $1WUB2 (insert) = $0.99 each
  • Covergirl Lip Gloss $2.49 - $2 Target - $1 (insert) = FREE
Total before coupons: $56.41
Total coupons used: $47
Total after coupons: $9.41
Plus taxes: $6.81
Total OOP: $16.22

87% Savings

Stacking Coupons at Target

Ever wonder about Stacking coupons?
Well, you can stack them at all Target locations Canada Wide.
Here is an article written by Natalie. 
Thanks for sharing with our readers!
~ Ruth Ann

I was excited when I heard that Target was coming to Moncton, and that we could stack coupons there, but I thought the Target Coupons would be low value and few & far between. 
That has not been the case. In addition to the printable coupons available from their website, I have received 5 different in store coupon booklets so far. Three that were widely available at the check-outs and 1 that I received from the pharmacy recently in a gift bag. 
Then of course there are the catalina's - the coupons on the receipts, each visit. 
I collect every new target coupon when I see it, each trip to target I inquire about new coupon booklets. 
I spend time searching online for printables, check my binder for tear pads and inserts that will match. I keep a mini album inside my coupon binder which holds the target coupons & matched coupons. Then I search the local flyers each week for a great deal on the items I have stacked coupons for. I bring the flyer to Target, price match, use both coupons and get a great deal. 
Those who have babies can get great deals on diapers, as it seems that Target always has coupons and manufacturer's ones are widely available. 

Here are some examples of current Target coupons matched with manufacturer coupons. 

= $5 off Easy Ups or Underjams

 = $2 off J&J products
 = $7 off Emergen-C
= $2 off one Scrubbing Bubbles, and then Get One Free

 =$6 off Children's Advil
 = $2.50 off wub2

= $2 off one Windex, and then Get One Free

= $12 off Glade warmer


Shopping with Natalie: Target Jan 21, 2014

Target Shop Jan 21

3 x Glade warmer $11.99
 -$6 Target coupon
-$6 manufacture coupon

Children's Advil $4.99
-$3 Target Coupon
-$3 manufacture coupon

Covergirl $2.99
-$2 Target coupon
-$2 order from brandsaver  (last campaign)

Tide $5.99
-$1 target coupon
- $1 manufacture coupon= $3.99

Johnson's buddies Shampoo $3.22
-$1 Target coupon
-$1 Manufacture coupon = $1.22

2x Bounce $3.99
-$2 WUB 2 (p&g) = $2.99 each

Zzzzquil $8.19
-$1 Target coupon
-$2 manufacture coupon = $5

2 x NyQuil $4.32
- $2 (p&g brandsaver) = $2.32 each

2 x DayQuil $4.32
- $2 (p&g brandsaver) = $2.32 each

Children's NyQuil $4.32
 -$2 (p&g brandsaver) = $2.32

2x Ziplock Bags $2.49
-$2 WUB 2 (right at home)=$1.49 each
***coupons on boxes $3 off bread WUB Ziplock

Cottenelle TP 12 DBL roll $6.99
-$2 Target coupon=$4.99

GE lightbulbs $4.94
-$1 Target coupon=$3.94

Total before coupons = $128.86
Tax was $12.10
Total coupons used $78
After coupons = $55

6 Steps on How to Save Money & Eat Healthy

6 Steps on How to Save Money & Eat Healthy

One of the questions people ask me often is, how can you save money and eat healthy at the same time? It often seems impossible to reduce your grocery budget when trying to eat healthier, but it is possible.
There are very few coupons for Fresh foods such as produce, meats, eggs, grains, etc...Many coupons are for prepackaged food items, not always the healthy option. This being the case most of the year, you need to understand it takes better planning, more preparation and strategic buying habits to reduce your spending on healthier foods.

Some tips to follow are:

    1. Pantry - You can purchase staples ahead and when you get the best deals. Stock only what you will use and what will stay fresh. For example, certain canned goods you use in your favourite recipes can be purchased in bulk and stored for future use. Other items with a good shelf life are: Rice, Quinoa, Pasta, Dried Legumes, etc...
    2. Weekly Meals - Having a weekly meal plan will cut your budget as well. Plan based on the sales that week to reduce your spending and take advantage of lower prices. Here is an example of how Amanda Menu Plans. This is an example of my Menu Plan.
    3. Freezer Meals or Batch Cooking -Buy the ingredients for 4-6 of each recipe and freeze them for future use. Check out the recipes I have for Chicken Freezer Packs HERE (more to come)
    4. Grow some of your own veggies! This will take time and preparation, but is very worthwhile and will save you a ton of money. Even if you have limited space, you can do some container gardening. Don't forget Herbs. They are pricey to purchase and most can be easily grown indoors or outdoors.
    5. Make your own - seasoning mixes, stocks, pickles, salsas, and dressings. Not only will you save money, but you will also know exactly what you are eating.
    6. Check your local farmers market and/or butcher shops - if you watch for sales and buy in season, it is often more worthwhile to support the local business. Many offer package discounts or seasonal offers.
Below you will find a radio column and related articles and videos explaining how you can Save AND Eat Healthy at the same time!
Related Articles: 
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Youth Quest Central – Couponers Giving Back! January 2014

January is a tough month for many charities. This month we have chosen to collect for
Youth QUEST Central in Moncton.
Collection will take place from January 13 to Feb 2nd.
Please contact me, Ruth Ann, at
to arrange drop off or pick up.
(I live in the Evergreen/Kingswood area and can accept drop off most days)
We will have limited times for pick ups.

  • Youth Q.U.E.S.T Central is a multi-resource centre for youth aged 16-24 who are either homeless or at risk of being homeless. The facility, located at 199 St. George Street, includes laundry and shower facilities, computer communications, academic upgrading, job-readiness training, information sessions, counseling, directional planning, and artistic and recreational programming. It also houses six other MYR programs that youth may access. These programs include: Family Preservation/Diversion, Transitional Housing, Intensive Support Program, Alternative Measures, Quest Case Management, and MYR Works.
    Here is a list of things they are looking for right now:
    - cookie sheets - non-stick frying pans - a good deep lasagna/sheppards pie baking dish - breakfast food (cereal, milk, eggs, bread, etc.) - headphones - juice/ milk - snacks - fruits and vegetables - Kraft Dinner - steel toe boots -coats (for all seasons) -boots and shoes -gift cards (groceries stores, walmart, hardware stores, clothing stores, etc.) - pregnancy tests (dollarama) - art supplies (canvas, markers, magazines, etc.) - underwear - clothing (especially men’s clothing!)

They are also always in need of Personal care items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant)

Please contact me, Ruth Ann, at to arrange drop off or pick up. (I live in the Evergreen/Kingswood area and can accept drop off most days)
We will have limited times for pick ups.

Cupcakes by Ashley

Enter to win 1 doz cupcakes. Local Greater Moncton area giveaway.

Ashley LeBlanc
cell # 506-866-3555

Flavours to choose from:

Vanilla Thrilla-Vanilla bean buttermilk cupcake, with vanilla bean frosting and sparkly sprinkles
Triple Chocolate Threat-Chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips, chocolate frosting and chocolate shavings
Commitmint-Chocolate cupcake with mint extract and mint-green frosting
Classic Red Velvet-Classic southern red velvet cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting
So what? I’m Single!-Luscious devil’s food cake with creamy mascarpone filling and a chocolate malt buttercream.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough-Classic vanilla cupcake with hidden cookie dough ball topped with vanilla frosting and chocolate chips
Irish-This Guiness-flavored chocolate cupcake, filled with Irish Whiskey ganache and topped with Bailey’s frosting will make you wish you were Irish!
Cookies and Cream-Chocolate cupcake with Oreo pieces, vanilla Oreo butter cream and cookie sprinkles
Pancakes and Bacon-Who doesn’t love bacon and pancakes in the morning? Enjoy your pancake cupcake with bits of bacon topped with a maple-bacon buttercream.
White Chocolate Raspberry-Vanilla and white chocolate cupcake, raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream frosting
Coconut Crush-Coconut lime cupcake with coconut cream cheese frosting and shaved coconut
Banana Split-Chocolate cupcakes with banana pieces with strawberry and banana cream cheese swirled frosting, butterscotch drizzle with cherry
Strawberry Lemonade-Strawberry and vanilla cupcake with strawberry buttercream and lemon flavored whipped cream icing
S’mores-Chocolate cupcake with graham wafer bottom, marshmallow center and toasted marshmallow icing
Double Chocolate Peanut Butter-Two of the world’s greatest ingredients combined into one delicious cupcake! Devil’s food cake with peanut butter ganache and chocolate peanut butter frosting
Raspberry Hot Choc-This scrumptious chocolate cake with raspberry center and topped with a chocolate-raspberry buttercream is sure to leave you wanting more!
Salted Caramel
Creamy caramel cupcakes topped with a salted caramel frosting for the perfect combination of salty and sweet!
Rocky Road-Moist chocolate cupcake topped with a chocolate ganache, sliced almonds and mini marshmallows- definitely reminiscent of a campfire!
Choca-Mocha-These rich, dark, chocolatey cupcakes studded with chocolate-covered coffee beans and topped with a creamy coffee-butter frosting are simply divine!
Banoffee-The tender, moist banana cakes are packed with nuggets of chewy caramel, then topped with whipped cream, sweet dulce de leche, and fresh banana.

Inner Sense Giveaway

Enter the draw below for a chance to win a Gift Certificate for a 
Therapeutic Massage with Essential Oils Value $90.00

Lisa Albert, RMT, n.d.
Bowen Therapist
506 874-7285
Inner Sense
Health & Wellness Co-Operative
123 Halifax St. (Purvis St. Entrance)
 This prize is only valid in Moncton NB

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ALL January Giveaways will run until Jan 31st,
and all winners will be announced and contacted by Feb 2nd.

Vixen’s Boutique Giveaway

Vixens is a new boutique specializing in Sweet & Sassy Styles
Rockabilly, Punk & Pinup Clothing.

More about Vixens: Brands we carry: Sourpuss Clothing, Iron Fist, Lucky 13, Steady Clothing, etc. 
Type of items include: Dresses, Shirts, Skirts, Shoes, Purses, Leggings, Accessories, etc

Crystal King
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ALL January Giveaways will run until Jan 31st,
and all winners will be announced and contacted by Feb 2nd.

With Love Riverview Giveaway

Enter Below to win a Keychain from With Love Riverview

"With Love, Personalized Hand Stamped Jewellery'" is a home based business that creates personalized hand stamped pieces of jewellery for any occasion.

With Love, Personalized Hand Stamped Jewellery is pleased to offer a variety of lovely pieces of jewellery and keychains at a reasonable price point. I am very passionate about this and would love nothing more than to create personalized pieces for others to enjoy. 

Please inquire about pricing. With Love Riverview currently accepts Etransfer, Paypal, Visa Square, & in some cases Cash. 

Located in Riverview, NB but can ship pieces out to anywhere in Canada and the US. 

With Love Riverview

Enter Below to win a Keychain from With Love Riverview
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ALL January Giveaways will run until Jan 31st,
and all winners will be announced and contacted by Feb 2nd.