Out & About: Judy’s Superstore shop

Decided to try the 20,000 points spend $100 and see what I could get with it & other offers.
First I got Gatorade & Doritos ( spend $20 get $20 MIR coupons)

Next I got meat - had spend $20 get 3000 points so spent $22 plus saved $2 on 2 Marc Angelo products
Delissio Pizza $3.99 (I didn't have any coups) each 1200 points
Degree deodorant 2/$3 use BOGO plus $1=2 /.50
Old El paso Kit $3.49 -500 points -FPC =Free
Miniwheat Center Cereal $5.49-FPC =FREE
4 Krave cereal $5.49 each - 4 FPC =4 Free
2 Special K Protien cereal $3.99-FPC =Free (all cereal going to Foodbank)
PC Peanut butter Ice Cream Sandwich bars x2 -800 points each ( my grandsons favorite treat)
plus bought a Hardcover 2014 World Record Book $26.21 got 3950 ( for my grandsons BDAY - he REALLY REALLY wants this).

OOP $93.50 includes $6.33 tax
coupons used $49.41
points earned 31450 (worth $31) plus $20 MIR for FPC coupons.

Had some other offers I couldn't use as products not available.

~ Judy

Out & About: Shopping with Judy Jan 29th

Here is another great shopping adventure with Judy, check out the details!
~ Ruth Ann
SuperstoreHersheys Drops $3 -50% off =$1.50-$1 (mailout) =.50 
Wish they would have had Hersheys nuts but someone already got all of them. 
Shopping cart full of candy at Riverview Superstore. 
M&M bag of candy $3.04 -50% =$1.52
Skinny Cow Bars $4.99-50% =$2.50 -$1=$1.50
Gerber Baby Treats $2.99- 50% =$1.50 ( wish I had $1 coup)
Reese muffin Mix Reg $4.99 Sale.79 - $1 =.23 overage ( not sure what this will be like but seemed like a fun treat for my grandson)
Dove body wash $2.99 ($1.50 check out 51 plus $1 bonus for redeeming over $5) =.49
Old El Paso Salsa $3.49 -BOGO =$1.75 plus 1000 pc points( Value $1) =$1.25 each

Out & About: Shopping With Judy Jan 28th

Here are some recent shopping trips with Judy, one of our Facebook Admins with the Moncton Coupon Lady. She is always finding fabulous deals and loves to share them with our readers. Thanks for the post Judy!

~ Ruth Ann

Out & about Tuesday Jan 28- here is what I found --

Children)'s Advil $4.99 -$3 =$1.99 (printable or mailout) less $3 checkout51 = I got paid $1.01 There is a $3 TARGET coup but no books at pharmacy with this coup
Valentines $1
Goodie bags for BDAY party coming up $1
Pencils 8/$1
Jasmine Minute Rice $2.99-$2=.99 (sample)
CornPops $2.89-$1.50=$1.38 (save.ca)
Hain Celestial Tea $1.52 (box)
BPA free sippy cup $1.04
Lunchmates $2 ( I didn't have any but there are $1coups),
lots of clearance stuff in foods & toiletries
Maple Leaf deli meats $2 -.50=$1.50 ( coup good on any ML product)
Clear & Clean bodywash $2.99-$3= FREE ( coup from online review)
Nordica (Gay LEA) cottage cheese $1.47 -$1=.47 
Gaylea sour cream $2.47-$2=.47 plus .50 Snapsaves =FREE plus $1 checkout51 - now I made $1
most of the advertised veggies weren't available but I found lots of Mann's veggies 
-Sugar snap peas $2.47-.75 = $1.72 (booklet)
Kraft shredded cheese $4.97-$2=$2.97 ( pizza type - save.ca)
Lysol No touch kits $9.97-$5=$4.97 (plus MIR so get full price back - made $5)
Hamburg Helper $1.67 -$2 (veg coup) = .32 off veggie and FREE hamburg helper or $2 off veggies
Fruit source Bar .66 BOGO =.33

Shopping with Natalie: Target January 28, 2014

Natalie had an audience at Target this afternoon!
Great shop, way to go Nat.
Check out the details below.
~ Ruth Ann

Target Jan 28

4x Axe $3.99 (PM PJC) 
-2 (hang tag) 
-BOGO (Unilever insert) 
= $1 each - $1 Checkout 51 Cash Back (Making one FREE)

Ziplock Containers $3 (in store mark down) 
-$1 Target coupon
-2 WUB 2 (box)
= $1 each

Lysol Cleaner $2
-$1 target coupon (receipt)
-$1 (Walmart magazine)

2 x Lysol disinfectant $2.50
-$1 target coupon (receipt)
-$1 (Walmart magazine)
=$.50 each

Cover girl $2.99
-$2 target coupon 
-$1 (p&g brandsaver) 

2x Children's Advil
-$3 Target coupon
-$3 (printed from Advil.ca)
= FREE - $3 Checkout 51 CASH BACK (made $3)

2 x Bounty 2 roll $1.74
-$1 Target coupon 
-$1 WUB 2 (pampers booklet) 
= $.24 each

Soft Soap $4.99 
- $1 (mail out) 
= $3.99

4 x Sunlight Detergent -$3.99 - $2 (sample pack) = $1.99 each

2x Cottenelle $3.99 (PM SDM)
- $2 target coupon 
= $1.99

I used a total of $53 in coupons. 

Subtotal: $75.50 
After Coupons: $21.34
Taxes: $7.97
Total OOP : $29.31 - $4 Cash Back with Checkout 51

The gentleman who was behind me in line was purchasing just 3 items but choose to stay behind me in line and watch. Before long a few customers and staff gathered to see the savings I achieved today. It's difficult to tell when coupons are taken off as you go, however, my cart was full for less than $30 so that was all the proof they needed that coupons can save lots of money!!
I hope you enjoy my stories of shopping trips, I love to share with others the savings that can be achieved using coupons. 

Holiday Budgeting & Planning…yes, Start NOW!


If you are like most people, I bet you aren't thinking about next Christmas yet! 

But you know, it is NEVER too early to start planning.

Gift giving is meant to be fun and not a burden. Remember to enjoy the planning and gift giving. If the financial hardships of gift giving are hitting you year after year, maybe you need to rethink what you are doing and how you can make it enjoyable again.

I am here to tell you that it might be a good idea to start planning...not only for gift giving, but Holiday budgeting in general. 

Maybe you are still thinking about the bills coming in from 2013? Or you are thinking, I have many other gift giving occasions to worry about before December. Remember Christmas always falls on Dec 25th (and any other holidays you buy for have their dates as well), so why not plan ahead and PREPAY your holidays this year! Read on to see what I am talking about...

Here are a few things to think about, starting now.

1. Christmas Cards: 

  • Clearance Cards: Yes, they are SUPER cheap this time of year. I spotted beautiful boxed cards this past week at Superstore for under $1 for 10. (some as low as $0.04 per card!)
  • Make Cards: If you didn't get them on clearance right after Christmas, maybe look into making your own. It is not always cheaper to make cards, but it is more personalized and can be a craft project to do with the kids too. Give them some supplies, stamps, stickers, paint, and let them go...only make sure they know to keep their art to the holiday theme, you will have your cards made in no time.
  • Stamps: The cost of mailing a card will increase this year (from $0.63 to $1, or $0.85 each if bought in bulk). Check your local stores NOW to find the stamps marked "P" for permanent. These stamps are at the current price of $0.65 each, and do not have a face value on them. They are to be honored as a full value stamp once the price change is made in March 2014.
  • Stamp Sale: Watch for stamps on sale...yes, this happens on occasion. It's usually a % off a pack of stamps. Pick some up a few packs at a time throughout the year. Store them with your cards, or even better yet, address the envelopes and put the stamps right on them now to save TIME later.
2. Gifts:
  • Lists, lists and more lists! Decide who is on your Gift giving list and stick to it. Make a list of Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Neighbors  etc. Then create a list with a budget. Maybe you have a set amount for gift giving for Family, or at work there is a gift exchange every year where you give a $10 gift. Keep track of as many details as possible and start checking off those you can buy ahead for. Sometimes it is hard to buy ahead, especially for young children, but many people buy and put things aside, only to forget what they have.
    BONUS TIP: Mark the location you are storing the gift on your list next to the ones you have bought for! How many times have you gone to clean out a closet in the Spring and found a random gift you "lost" or maybe even forgot about?
  • PREPAY: Buy Gift Cards throughout the year. To avoid some of the stress of the holiday grocery/shopping bills, add a pre-paid card into every shopping trip to the grocery/department store ($10 per card; or more if you have a large family to shop for) and use them ONLY at holiday time! If you start right now, you will be have a lot of cards to use next Christmas! That is a pretty good stress relief solution and pretty neat savings idea too. Just one trip a week to a store can add up like this: $10 gift card X 52 = $520 saved up; $15 gift card X 52 = $780 saved up; $20 gift card X 52 = $1040; etc... Imagine having all that pre-paid plastic available to spend next holiday season without the large credit card bills to come in January! You might even get to splurge a little because YOU were so prepared.
3. Food:

(these ideas are for later in the year, but you can start planning now)

  • Plan a cookie/baking exchange with friends or co-workers: Plan this Now for the Fall. This is a fun and easy way to get some homemade baking done in the fall. You can make multiple batches of the same item (often cheaper, and definitely faster), then you have an excuse to get together for a coffee with friends and share your baking. POOF! You have a freezer stocked with your holiday baking.
  • Plant a garden: You can grow so many things in different areas of Canada. Why not pick a few things to try and when you harvest, either bottle or preserve for future use (pickles at your special dinner, or salsa with the chips for one of your parties).
  • Herb Gardens are a great idea, not hard and can be grown with limited space. Make flavoured olive oils to give as a gift. Your friends and family will think you are pretty amazing when you tell them you grew the herbs!

There are many more ideas we could share, these are just a few to help you get started. Thinking ahead will help you save more money this year, and in the future. 

These are some of the things you should budget for when calculating the expenses you encounter over the holidays.
  • Gifts you will purchase
  • Wrapping supplies (paper, tape, bows, etc)
  • Decorations
  • Christmas cards
  • Shipping and stamps for your cards and gifts
  • Traveling expenses (travel to visit family and friends near and far, and even extra gas for trips to the shopping mall or grocery store)
  • Camps or activities for the kids on school break
  • Food (Don't forget any potlucks, extra baking, guests to feed, etc)

More info and ideas available in my CBC Column: Hidden Costs of the Holidays



Reader Tip: Pet Washing

Here is Betty's frugal tip.

When shampooing your pet, never use shampoo out of the bottle.  Always use an empty bottle with a squirt dispenser.  Place enough shampoo or conditioner in the empty bottle and fill (gently to avoid suds) to the top.  Mix well.

When you squirt this all over your pet, it will dispense evenly and not waste any by leaving globs in one area.  Better for the pet and better for your pocketbook.


Make Your Own: Dryer Sheets

I shared this tip in December on the Facebook page, and have had a few requests to share more details. Well, here you go, this is how I make my own "dryer sheets" What you need:
  • Liquid Fabric Softener (we get lots of samples, that is what I use! = FREE)
  • Water
  • Old Facecloths or cut up towel (You can purchase new ones as well if you prefer)
  • Resealable Container (mine is one that came with Margarine in it)
My cost for these things was FREE. I had them all on hand, so figured I would reuse and recycle some items in my house already 🙂 Realistically, you can start with a jug of Fabric Softner $2-3, dollar store faceclothes (or sponges cut in half, if you prefer) and a good resealabe container (costs vary). You can do this easily under $10. The only costs involved after initial set up will be occassionally replacing the cloths/sponges, and restocking the liquid fabric softner.
  1. Start by measuring out the Liquid Fabric Softner and Water. You want 2 parts water to 1 part fabric softner. The first time I followed a tutorial I had found on Pinterest, while it said half and half, I find that you can use less fabric softner. (even more $$ saved)
  2. Stir together in your container and place Cloths/Sponges in the container to soak up the liquid.
  3. Store in a dry place. Out of reach of children.
  4. When ready to use, simply wring out the cloth by hand, and place damp cloth in dryer with your wet clothes.
I love using samples for this because I can change the scents more often and try different brands.
I hope you found this useful. Be sure to comment below and share your frugal tips.
Happy savings, and hears to a static free and wonderfully smelling load of laundry!
~ Ruth Ann

Couponing Tip of the Day

We have probably all had a shopping trip where we spot a deal in store and think "I have a coupon for that". We then grab the coupon and in the rush to shop and get through the cash, we simply miss the fine print. This is one way we can end up using a coupon on the wrong item, or misuse a coupon without intending to.
  • Read: Take the time to read the details of each coupon when you are sorting them (into your organizing system of choice). 
  • Highlight: If there are restrictions or fine print you need to be aware of, get out a highlighter and highlight the area of the coupon. Another way to keep on top of these limitations on coupons is to flag them with a sticky note.
  • Understanding: Now that you are reading all the details, be sure you are understanding what they mean. There are many terms used in regards to coupons and some are very specific, while others are vague. Start here with "Coupon Lingo".

© 2014 The Moncton Coupon Lady
Putting Money In Your Pocket One Coupon At A Time!

Shopping With Ruth Ann: Trips from 2013

These are some examples of shopping trips I did in 2013.
I post these to demonstrate what is possible to do with coupons. 

~ Ruth Ann

32 Jars of Baby Food for $7.04

28 Small Jars @ $0.79 = $22.12
4  Bigger Jars @ $0.99 = $ 3.96
TOTALValue :                $26.08
- 50%:                             $13.04
- coupons                         $  6.00 
Total Paid                        $  7.04 


2X Similac Mom (reg.:10.99+ @ Walmart) SALE: $8.97 - $10 Similac Cheques (X2) = +$2.06
2X Johnson's Baby Prod. (reg.:$1.97) Spec: 2/$3 - $1 coupons (X2) = $0.50 each
7X Finish Powerball 8 pk $2 - $2 coupons (X7) = FREE

TOTAL: $1.06 Overage
Taxes: $2.21
Out of Pocket: $1.15

Shopping With Ruth Ann: Trips from 2012/2011

These are some examples of shopping trips I did in 2012 and 2011.
I post these to demonstrate what is possible to do with coupons. 
Some of these items are for donations, but most of these pictures include items I purchased while building a stockpile. This is an example of larger shops, before I had a good base stockpile. 
Here at the Moncton Coupons Lady site, we do not promote huge stockpiles, or hoarding. 

If there is a great freebie and we do not use the items in our house, we get it for donations. There is always a donation box next to my family's items. We promote Donating and if you are interested in helping in the community, check out our "Couponers Giving Back" donation drive each month!

WalMart April 2012
4X Ziploc Bags $2.97 - $1 WUB2 = $2.47 each 
1X Ziploc Bags $2.97 - $1.00 = $1.97
8 X Lever 2000 Body Wash $1.99 - $1.00 = $0.99 each (PM Zellers at $1.99)
3 X Schick Hydro 5 razors $5.00- $3.00 = $2.00 each
1X Bounce Dryer Bar $3.97 - $1.00 = $2.97

TOTAL BEFORE Price Matching and Coupons: $63.34
Total after PM & Coupons: $24.30 (62% SAVINGS)

Taxes: $6.43
Total OOP: $30.73


Items WITH coupons:
Tiolet Duck = $1.00 each
Scrubbing Bubbles Kits = $3 each
Scrubbing Bubbles refills = FREE
Crest Pro Health rinse = FREE
Oral B Floss = FREE
All Bran bars = $0.47
Finish Quantum = $ 1.97
Mini Wheats = $0.47
Rice Crispies = $0.47
Rice Crispies Bars = FREE
Charmin Seat Covers = FREE +$2 overage
Temptations Cat Treats = $ 1.09 each

Subtotal: $132.52
Coupons used: $103.85
Total after coupons: $28.67


Total $ 29.48
Coupons $14.00 - $3.40 (in store disc)
Total after coupons $12.08
OOP $14.68


Spring 2011
2kg Dog Food 6.39 - $6 coupons= $0.39
Fructis Shampoo (2X) $2.49 each - .75 = $1.74 each
Fructis Conditioner $2.49
Bagels $2.99 - $1.50 = $1.49
Oasis Juice $1.69 - Free Coupon = $0

Total before coupons:$18.54
Total paid : $7.95
57% savings from coupons

Giant Tiger

Coffee Cream $3.20
Black Diamond Cheese slices $1.87 (reg $4.82)-$.75= $1.12
Chapman's 2lt Frozen Yogurt Strawberry $4.97 (reg$5.27) - Free Coupon = FREE
Chapman's 2lt Frozen Yogurt Chocolate $4.97 (reg.$5.27)- Free Coupon = FREE
Chapman's Frozen Yogurt Treats Caramel (8pk) $4.97 (reg.$5.27)- Free with purchase of 2ltr tub = FREE
Chapman's Frozen Yogurt Treats Vanilla (8pk) $4.97 (reg.$5.27)- Free with purchase of 2ltr tub = FREE

Total Paid : $4.32
Total before coupons:$24.95
Total Savings 83% from Coupons


Fiber one Cereal $3.47 (coupon on box for free Ice cream)
Fiber Plus Cereal $2.97 - $2 coupon = $0.97
Finish Quantum Starter Kit $6 - $6 coupon = FREE
Oasis Juice X3 $1.57each - 3 Free Coupons = FREE

Total before coupons: $17.45
After Coupons: $4.74
Total Savings 72% from Coupons

Walmart #2:

Disolve Trial packs 3X $1.97each - $3 coupons = $2.91
Oasis Juice $1.57 - Free Coupon = FREE
Nestea Ice Tea ($10 coupons on label for Pizza) $3.97
Allen's Apple Juice 2X $1.15 ($10 coupons for juice on labels)

Total before Coupons: $9.78
After Coupons: $5.21
Total savings from coupons 42%

TOTAL for all orders:$83.89
Total Paid: $22.22

Overall 77% savings


Lysol hands free dispenser ($14.99) 
Price Matched Co-Op Flyer at $4.99 - $5 coupon = FREE

2X Quantumatic Starter Kit (12.99)
On sale for $6 each - $6 coupon = FREE

Finish Quantum bonus pack (10.99)
on sale for $5 - $3 = $2

Total before coupons and PM: $31.99 + $4.16 tax = $36.15
Total after coupons: $2 + taxes
Out of Pocket (OOP) = $6.16


10X Chrispers $0.79 = $7.90
11X Quaker Granols Bars $1.99 = $21.89 - $30 MIR = $-8.11
4X Chef Boyardee $0.99 = $3.96 -$1 cpn= $2.96
4X Stuff n' Such $0.24= $0.96
3X BBQ Sauce $0.99 = $2.97
4X 96 Load Purex $9.99 = $39.96 - $20 cpn = $19.96

Total before coupons: $77.64 + $5.19 tax = $ 82.83
Total after coupons: $26.64 + $ 5.19taxes
Out of Pocket (OOP) = $31.83


Free feminine products!

Stayfree on sale at Lawton`s for 2/$4
4 @ $2 - $2 coupon = $0
Pringles 2 @$1.19

Total before coupons:
$10.38 + Tax $1.35 = $11.73
Total after coupons: $2.38 + tax $1.35= $3.73
That's 70% savings!

Nestle Cookie Dough and Brownie IceCream $4.97 - FPC = FREE
Silhouette Yogurt $3.57 - FPC = FREE
McCain Pizza $3 - $1 = $2
Nestea Singles 6pk $1.98 (X5) - $1 (X5) = $4.90 ($0.98 each)
Cover Girl Wet Slicks Lip Gloss $2.87 (X3) - $2 (X3) = $2.61 ($0.87 each)
LaCoupe Mousse $1.66 - $2 = -$0.34
LaCoupe Hairspray $1.66 (X7) - $2 (X7) = -$2.38
Equate Cotton swabs $2.00
Snuggle 120 sheets $3.97

TOTAL before coupons: $49.30
TOTAL Saved with Coupons:$36.54
TOTAL after Coupons: $12.76
TOTALOut Of Pocket (with $3.62 Tax):$16.38


Walmart Deals Sept 13th

Old El Paso Dinner Kit $3.47 X2 = $6.94 
(free Cheese Coupons on boxes)
Hot Chocolate $2.97 
(free Aero bubbles coupon)
Bear Paws Cereal & Fruit bars $2.00 X4 = $8.00
($2 worth of coupons inside boxes)
Coke case of 12 X2 = $2.97X2 - (BOGO Free)= $2.97
Bistro Sliders $3.16 - FPC = FREE
Meow Mix Market selects Cat food $0.50 - FPC = FREE
Bear Paws Crackers $2.00 - $0.50 coupon = $1.50 X2 = $3.00
Smart Pasta $1.47 - $0.75 coupon= $0.72 X10 = $7.20
Charmin Seat covers $1 - $2.50WUB2= -$0.50 X4 = -$2.00

Total before coupons:$54.21
Total after coupons: $29.08

47% savings!

Price before coupons $82.85
Price after coupons: $27.60

About 66% savings

ALL FREE! Shopper's Drug Mart, and Walmart
Redeemed $100 on Bonus Redemption day at Shopper's
I used coupons on alot of items, and had overages at Walmart to cover Olives and Cheese.