Back to School: Tips on How to Save

Back to School: How to Save on Back to School Spending!
This time of year is the second highest spending season after winter holidays! Are you trying to save a bit on school supplies, clothes for the kids, etc? Here are some tips that may help keep you on track this Back to School season.
All the stores are filled with shiny new backpacks, pencil cases with characters on them, and lots of things your kids will want just because of how it looks, not because of what it is! Keep this in mind, and try to shop without the kids.
Here are a few guidelines to follow when doing your supply shopping:
  1. Take inventory in your house: Chances are you already have a few items on the supply list. If your child needs 2 red pens, do not buy a box because it is a good deal (unless you use them regularly at home). If you have an open package of pens at home, take 2 and put in their supplies for school. Most schools are sending home left over supplies at the end of the school year. Take what you need for this year from that pile first.
  2. Make your list and stick to it: Most of us like to throw in a few extras for our kids, but the supply list really is long enough. Only send what is asked for, and stick to your list.
  3. Leave the Kids at home: If you can do the shopping without the kids, this WILL save you money. They will always want the scribblers with characters or “cool” designs ($2+ per scribbler). If you want, pick up a pack of stickers and let them personalize the books (it’s much cheaper to spend $1 on stickers to decorate $0.10 scribblers!)
  4. Shop Smart:Budget more money for items of Quality. Spend more on back packs, lunch bags, sneakers, etc...items you need to last the whole year. Buy generic on pencils, pencil crayons, scribblers, binders, etc.
  5. Use Coupons: Not all school supplies will have coupons, but some do, so watch your sales flyers and match the sales with a coupon for the best deal. Lunch items such as snacks items & juice boxes are on sale for about a month straight this time of year. Remember to stock up on some now, while the prices are good. Everything has a sales cycle, meaning, they will be on sale again. The average sales cycle for most items is 4-6 weeks.
  6. Clean the closet:Kids do not need a new wardrobe to start school. Go through your child’s closet and pull out any clothes that no longer fit. You will find there are many items you can continue to use. Any items that no longer fit, take them to a consignment store, and you will earn money towards future purchases. Many stores offer Back to School sales on clothing, so watch for them and take advantage of the many that offer discount coupons online and in store.
These are just some simple tips to help you save. There will be another article on Packing Healthy and Affordable School Lunches coming soon!
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Where to find coupons online…

ONLINE COUPON COMPANIES (mail you coupons)
These are sites for companies that will mail you coupons. (Hidden Portal Links)

How to Trade Coupons

Coupon trading is one of the best ways to get the coupons that you really want.  People are always asking me how I get so many of the same coupon....the simple answer, trading/swaping coupons!
Below you will find more details on what COUPON TRADING actually is, and it should help to answer any questions you may have.
Where to start? Find People to trade with!
It’s always nice to start with people you get your friends/family together to swap coupons. Or start a coupon box in the lunch room at work! I have been teaching Lunch & Learn seminars on The Art of Couponing, and most businesses have started with the coupon box at their work location. One person will need to be in charge of removing expired coupons from time to time.
We also post regular Local Area Swaps on the Moncton Coupon Lady FB page and website. If you are interested in posting a swap at your local coffee shop (anywhere in Canada), simply let me know.  I will post it for you on the page to help get more people out in your area. Here in Moncton we get 10-20 people out to the swaps every week!  
SWAP vs. TRADE: At the swaps we usually pass around the coupons we are not using, and take what we can use. We do not worry about the $ amount going in and out. Direct trading is usually dollar for dollar.
Join the MCL – Trades &Trains Group on Facebook (for anyone living in Canada!). 
Coupon Trading Etiquette
These are a few rules you need to follow in the trading process: 1. Respond to messages promptly 2. Post the coupon accurately (details)
3. Include enough postage on the envelope 4. Mail out your trade as soon as possible
How to Trade
Trades are quite often equal value, for example: You send $10 in coupons and receive $10 in coupons. Since most trading is done by mail, you may find people are looking to trade a Minimum $ value in each trade. This is due to the cost of mailing. This will vary from person to person, so be sure to discuss this before agreeing to a trade.
Tip #1: Collect coupons. When you are out at the stores and see tear pads, take a few of each. If you won’t use them, remember, someone else may! Take a few and keep them in your “trade” envelope. There are many  coupons out there, from various sources. Check out Where to find Coupons in Canada. Collect many as you can and put aside the coupons you want to trade. (always be considerate when taking tear pad coupons, Never take them all, there are others who wish to use them too)
Tip #2: Make a Trade List. List all of the coupons you have to offer as a trade. Make your list as detailed as possible with Brand, Value, any Restrictions, Expiry Date and even barcodes. This ensures others are asking for coupons they will be happy with when they receive them. DETAILS, details, details!
Tip #3: Make a Wish List. List all of the coupons you would like to have. It can be a type of product, specific brand, or detailed very specific coupon you have seen somewhere (include barcodes if you are in a location where you can stack coupons). Make your list as long as you like, the more details, the better chances of getting what you are looking for.
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