How To Save More Money On Your Groceries Every Week

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When I am planning a shop and trying to save the most money, I want to be well organized. In the past I have made my paper shopping list, scanned the flyers for the best prices and then checked if I have coupons to use with the items I want to purchase. Now there is an app to help make all these steps easier and in one place. (more…)

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free & Other Specials

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free & Other Specials

Here are some Canadian Restaurants that offer Kids Eat Free or special offers for kid's though out the week. If you know of other restaurants in your area that offer Kid's Eat Free, please comment below to let us know. We will be starting a "Local" section for non chain restaurants that will be sorted by town/city.  (more…)

Puppy Diaries – Meet Bo, Our New Addition


Puppy Diaries - Meet Bo, Our New Addition

This series is sponsored by the Maritime Animal Hospital

So, Bo has been living with us now for 6 weeks. He has had 3 homes in his short 14 week life, it's not what you think, I will explain as we tell his story. He is a Husky mix, rescue puppy and a very awesome addition to my already busy family life. (more…)

Frugal Friday – Save over $700 this year with this tip!

Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

Cut back on coffee or tea...
I know it is not easy to do, but one less coffee a day would save you about $700 per year (if you buy them at a coffee shop).

Can’t quit coffee all together?
Instead of spending $2 - $3 per cup at your favourite coffee shop, try brewing coffee at home. You could save yourself thousands of dollars per year.

Home brewing cuts your cost to less than $0.25 per cup in most cases.

Just one way to cut costs that really add up over the year!

Happy Friday 🙂

Let’s Save Both Time & Money on Back To School

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The back to school madness has started and we are all looking for ways to cut costs this time of year. There are new book bags, sneakers, clothing, school supplies and lunch supplies. The list can be long and expensive. 

Our plan of attack when it comes to getting the best bang for our buck, includes a few steps and a really great tool,'s App. Check out all the tips and details of how we shop for the Best Back To School Savings.