Craft Kits: Making Craft Time Easy

  Crafts are so much fun with children, but have you ever noticed their short attention span leads to lots of extra “fun” if you are not prepared? Hauling out the craft box and letting my little guy go through it is exciting and creative, but often times leads to a sheet of paper with … Read more

FRUGAL TIP: Eating What’s On Hand

FRUGAL TIP: Eating What’s On Hand   This past weekend I spent some time reorganizing my pantry and freezer. Needless to say, there was more there than I had realized. Most of the time I know what is in the house and plan meals according to what sales are on. Lately, for about 2 months, … Read more

Savings – Keeping Money In Your Pocket

There are so many ways to save. Here you will find tips and ideas to help you save more of your hard earned money.   How To Save On Food: You Really Can Eat Healthy On A Small Budget How To Grocery Shop & NOT Break The Bank How To Save Time & Money when … Read more

Make Your Own Mixes

Make Your Own Mixes Convenience drives much of our buying habits these days. Unfortunately convenience comes with preservatives and additives we simply do not need to consume. Here we will share some baking mixes you can prepare to have on hand. Instant  Oatmeal Packs Pancake Mix Microwave Popcorn Bags Turkey Soup Mix in a Jar

Kitchen Tips

Quick Kitchen Tips Tip #1 – Peeling Boiled Eggs Tip #2 – Baking Substitutions Tip #3 – Icecream & Kids Tip #4 – Making Stock – Kitchen Waste Not Tip #9 – Sticky Measures Tip #11 – Making Subs Tip #13- Avocado Tip Tip #14 – Meal Planning Board Tip #15 – How To Dice … Read more

Seminars With Ruth Ann

Seminars With Ruth Ann When you first start couponing it can be very overwhelming and intimidating. By offering these seminars, I hope to help you save money faster, and avoid many of the mistakes we make when learning how to coupon. I have been offering seminars in various locations around NB and NS since October … Read more