Off the Wall Eyewear- Episode 1: We Are Family #supportlocalnb

Quirky, Quacky and a slight bit of Corniness with Off the Wall Eyewear 

We recently visited the Charlebois family over at Off The Wall Eyewear Emporium and had the opportunity to try on some new styles, meet the kids, the pups and chat about their amazing selection of eyewear for the whole family!

This video was sponsored by Off The Wall Eyewear Emporium.

Check out the video and meet owner Steven Charlebois, his wife Jennifer, children Amelia and Sebastian, and their pups Finnegan and Violet.

Then follow Steven around the shop as he fits Lorne with some fun eyeglass styles from Vinyl Factory, ECO Eyewear, and more. We also had Michelle (of This Whole Life) modeling some glasses from Gwen Stefanie’s line, Vinyl Factory, Tokado, and Spectacle Eyeworks.

Off The Wall Eyewear Emporium also carries prescription sunglasses, goggles (swimming, skiing, motorcycle, etc), and safety glasses. Steven showed us some of these and explained what kinds of prescriptions can be added to the various goggles and sunglasses in the store.
Amelia shared some of her favorite glasses, in various colors and designs, including the Nano children’s glasses, which are practically indestructible.

In addition to eyewear, Off The Wall showcases some other local artists and products available on site. Steven does not make any commission on the artwork in the store, all money goes to the artist. This is a super example of a local business supporting another local business!

Off The Wall Eyewear Emporium is located at 331 Elmwood Dr in Moncton, be sure to visit Steven for all your eyewear needs.


Another video and an introduction to Steven and his business can be found here, where we chat more about the Eco-Friendly eyewear he carries.


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