Caddle: Cash Back and More

Caddle: Cash Back and More

Caddle is the Newest Cash Back app in Canada!
Earn Cash Back by watching ads, answering questionnaires and claiming cash back on purchases.


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It is currently available for ios users, android and online.
I just completed the first offers by watching a short video and answering 3 questions. Earned $0.25 each in about 30 seconds. The ads are 30 seconds or less and questionnaires are 5 questions or less….how easy and quick is that?

**They have also had some very unique offers like a $2 Cash Back offer for anyone who scans a $25 Charitable Donation receipt. How about uploading a photo of you enjoying Winter? Or a pic of your cat?
Other offers have been  for Date Night (cash back when you spend $ at a local restaurant), Supporting Local Farmers, Milk and more.

It’s a great App everyone!
Be sure to get it now!
Here is some info directly from their website:

What is Caddle?

Caddle gives you Cash Back for your engagement in Ads and Questionnaires, as well as regular everyday purchases. Browse Caddle’s offers, engage in the Ads & Questionnaires, and then buy the promoted products at any store in Canada and take a photo of your receipt to get Cash Back Credits into your account. Once you earn $20 in Cash Back Credits, you can “Cash Out” and we’ll mail you a cheque!

What devices is Caddle available on?

Caddle can be used on any desktop computer or iOS smartphone or tablet –Android is now available as well!

Can I have more than one account?

No, each user is permitted only one account.

CLICK HERE to join/download app



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