My People – Lori Byrne – East Coast Blogger Series

The next blogger profile in the My People – East Coast Blogger series is Lori Byrne of Farm Fresh Style.

Lori started her blog in August of 2012, focussing on her family life in the country, with  some home décor and DIY thrown in because that’s what she loves to do. 

Lori Byrne East Coast Blogger Series

Farm Fresh Style is Lori’s place to share all about living in the country on the North Shore of Nova Scotia. Below are some questions she answered for us, so you can get to know the lady behind the blog! Enjoy.

My People – Lori Byrne – East Coast Blogger Series

Name: Lori Byrne

Blog: Farm Fresh Style

Where are you from? North Shore of Nova Scotia

How old are you? 42 – not sure how I got to be this age

Why did you start a blog?

I started Farm Fresh because of an upcoming change in my career and I wanted a way for people to find me and connect with me as I entered new territory. I had no idea I loved to write as much as I do, I hated English class!! But this blog has opened many doors and given my opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and I am very thankful! And along the way, I have learned, grown and spread my wings in ways I never would have.

How do you decide what to write about?

My decision-making method in regards to blog posts is basically I write about what ever strikes my fancy. If we took a road trip, I might share that if it was super fun and we saw neat things. If I feel passionate about something, I will write about that. I’m not someone who has the month scheduled out in advance. I wish I was more of a planner that way, but I’m not wired that way and it every time I try, it feels more forced and so I just share what’s on my mind or current in our lives.

What is the most rewarding part about being a blogger? What is it toughest part about being a blogger?

For me, the rewarding part of blogging is connecting with my readers and hearing from them online or in real life. I so enjoy chatting with people so this is the perfect blend of documenting our life while connecting with people. But the down side is that I am not techy, I don’t enjoy working on technical computer stuff, so that can add a level of stress that I’d rather avoid. But I recently updated the look on my blog and I did it myself, so that felt like a huge accomplishment.

If you could spend 24 hours with one person (alive or dead), who would it be and why?

I would love to sit down with Grandma, she was an artist and such a huge inspiration to me. I would ask a million questions, watch her hands move over her paper as she created yet another piece of art. I would listen carefully for each nugget of wisdom she would share. And I ask about my dad as a child and her life as the daughter of a missionary couple. I would appreciate her as an adult that I never did as a child.


To follow along on Lori’s adventure, check out her website and social channels…you might catch a glimpse of some cute animals, and definitely will be inspired by her home decor projects!

Thank you to Lori for sharing with us and letting us know a little more about her blog and who she is. 

We hope you follow along through the coming year as we share more Atlantic Canadian Bloggers in the “My People – East Coast Blogger” series. It is truly amazing the content being created locally by many of my East Coast Blogger friends. the inspiration for this series is to introduce more people to our talented East Coast Blogger community and share some details about the creative minds behind the blogs.


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  1. This is a great profile! I’m a big Lori fan! 🙂

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