My People – Jessica Doiron – East Coast Blogger Series

Meet Jessica, our next East Coast Blogger and the woman behind Your Healthy Year.  

Your Healthy Year is Jessica’s place to inspire people by giving them simple ways they can live a healthier lifestyle, offering easy nutrition and fitness advice.

Jessica Doiron East Coast Blogger Series
My People – Jessica Doiron – East Coast Blogger Series

Name: Jessica Doiron

Blog: Your Healthy Year

Where are you from? Blackville, NB (originally from Salisbury, NB)

How old are you? 3

Jessica started blogging in January, 2012, to share her love of fashion and shopping. At the time, she had a website called “Shoes, Fashion, Fitness”, which no longer exists because her obsession with fashion and shoes faded. In the meantime, her love for all things health and fitness led to the creation of a new website. Now she can be found blogging at Your Healthy Year, where she inspires people by giving them simple ways they can live a healthier lifestyle by offering easy nutrition and fitness advice.


What is the most rewarding part about being a blogger?

“The most rewarding part of being a blogger is sharing my passion for health and fitness with people that need a little motivation and guidance. I am very lucky that I get to do this as a full time job!”

What is the toughest part about being a blogger?

“The toughest part about being a blogger for me is that sometimes my impostor syndrome gets the best of me. I think this is pretty common, but we often see a picture perfect image on social media, especially on Instagram. I actually took a long break from Instagram because of this. The ‘fitspo’ images are often just thinly veiled ‘thinspo’ and I was struggling with the fact that I am a health and fitness blogger, but I don’t look like a size 0.”

How do you decide what to write about?

“I created Your Healthy Year in January of 2014. I basically took all of December 2013 to plan, brain storm, and create content. Now every December I take time to plan out the following years editorial calendar. I’ll get a planner or calendar and start filling in different topics and ideas for every month, this is like my ‘draft calendar’. When I’m actually writing out and scheduling my posts, I have another calendar I use to keep track of scheduled posts. I have 2-3 planners I use and a handful of notebooks for jotting down ideas. I need to write things down to stay organized, I just can’t seem to get used to a digital calendar.”

Do you share your personal life on your blog?

“I share some of my personal life on my website. I love to write race recaps on my website and that’s all I used to share about my personal life but I’ve recently started to post more about my life because I want a more personal connection with my readers. I like to share updates on my Taekwondo training on my social media channels. I’m currently training for my 3rd dan black belt and I am head instructor at the Taekwondo club my family owns, so Taekwondo is a big part of my life.”

If you could promote one place within Atlantic Canada, as a destination
for someone looking to travel here, where would you recommend they visit?

“One place I love to promote and talk about in Atlantic Canada is Fundy National Park. It’s an amazing park and there is so much to do. I just have so many good memories of that place and I would love for everyone to have the chance to see it.”

To follow along on Jessica’s adventure, check out her website and social channels.

Thank you to Jessica for sharing with us and letting us know a little more about her blog and who she is. 

We hope you follow along through the coming year as we share more Atlantic Canadian Bloggers in the My People – East Coast Blogger series. It is truly amazing the content being created locally by many of my East Coast Blogger friends. the inspiration for this series is to introduce more people to our talented East Coast Blogger community and share some details about the creative minds behind the blogs.

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  1. My pleasure. I love the diversity of the bloggers in NB and all of Atlantic Canada. So glad you found our group and we can support each other!

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