My #80lbJourney week 6-7 – it’s not easy, but it can be done

Okay, so summer is coming to an end and school routines and Fall activities are going to be starting. Who is looking forward to this? I sure am.

As much as I love Summer day tips and time with the kids, routines are out the window all summer for me. The past two weeks we have also had hubby home on his vacation, and we have been busy. Household projects and a few day trips, plus a couple overnights out of town. It has been fabulous family time and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Halifax Citadel, WWI trenches display
Some fun in Uptown Saint John

All this being said, it is often hard to get back to the gym, eating better (or more consciously) and making time for yourself when there is limited family time available. I know I feel guilty taking time for me. There is always laundry to do, meals to make, floors to clean (mine should have been scrubbed long ago!), kids to entertain and work to go to or get done.

This week, I am focusing on getting back into a routine that allows me to continue to make healthier choices for me.

Even my kids have said I am happier when I work out. Sorry, they said I am “not a grumpy mom”! That’s enough proof that I need the exercise, even when I am busy. Happy mom = happier family. Happier family = even happier mom….see where I am going?

Over the summer I did make it at least 2 times a week to the gym, and sometimes my 3 times. I did do some at home workouts as well, but not as consistently.

So, in addition to my new found love of the gym, I have decided to join an 8 Week Challenge, hosted by a trainer in Halifax. This is all done online. I will share all the details about this in a separate blog post, as I want to keep this to my update and results, plus goals for coming weeks.

So far I am happy with my results. Just over 12 lbs down. I am getting stronger all the time, and setting activity goals and reaching them, so far.

I still struggle with food when away from home. Bad choices creep in when those options are available to me. (Clams and fries yesterday were delicious, but I could have opted for something else, at least in place of the fries).

I hope to maintain my weight until this weekend is over, then will be able to focus on new goals and my food decisions again.

Routine plays a huge role in my success. I am looking forward to next week because of the routine it will bring back to my life.

Besides shedding pounds this month, I have a goal to declutter our house. I have projects I want to do around the house, but I need to purge whatever I can to make room for us to enjoy our home again. Donate,  Sell and Trash piles will be set up in my house for the next few weeks 🙂

My goals this week:

  • Go to the gym 3 times
  • Drink 2L of water every day
  • Go through all our clothing and donate what’s not needed
  • Get 2 rooms decluttered
  • Get my hair cut (a previous goal I did not follow through with earlier this summer)
  • Get started on my 8 week challenge to set goals and start taking control of my food choices and exercise routines.

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