My #80lbJourney – more than just weight loss

6 months in and at a standstill
I spent the past 6 months learning how to incorporate exercise and healthy eating back into my life. The struggle to keep up with these changes is hard, very hard. In the past month, through meeting with Michelle at Sculpt Health & Wellness Riverveiw, I have realized that I need to work on me, my barriers and my environment. ​My update today is all about our weekly meetings and how they are not focused on the scale, but on me as a person. Yes, I am weighed each week, but it is the hour spent talking that has made all the difference to me.
My Reality
You can know and understand the mechanics of weight loss (food and exercise), but those are not the only factors in why we let ourselves be unhealthy. Over the past month or so, through talking with Michelle, and being at a standstill on the scale, a switch flipped in my brain. How can I focus better on me? What is preventing me from reaching my goals and why are these barriers there? Yes, there are mental barriers, some of which are in physical form and can be purged. In order to focus on me, and my health, I need to clean house, literally!! We have too much stuff, we cannot live and enjoy what we have because of this clutter. It is not practical and it is certainly not healthy.
Clutter, in my brain and my house
For years my de-cluttering mode has been in "on" and "off" mode several times. I am positive I am not alone here. This week I decided that it needs to be a permanent "on" mode. Why do I have a house full of stuff? It weighs me down both mentally and physically, so why do I let it pile back up. Most of what I hang on to is "in case we will use it", those are the items I am selling or donating. Then we have the paper and random garbage clutter (ie. kinder egg toys and McDonald's treasures!). Clothing is another out of control area that I really have a hard time with. Then there are toys...not even touched yet, but will get there by this weekend.
Where to start?
Over the years, I have started this purge and de-clutter so many times, only to give up. You know, you start to clear out one room or closet, only to end up putting stuff in another room and finding more stuff to de-clutter, and falling into to overwhelming trap of moving stuff around and not throwing anything out. You stop, defeated and give up. THIS TIME I thought long and hard about where to start. My closet was easy, take everything out, and only put back in what I actually wear....then 2 more laundry baskets of clothes came into the room and I have not been back to finish that purge. That is for today's task. Through figuring out where to really start this week, I decided that my Storage Room would make sense. It is a drop zone for boxes, seasonal items, stocked up supplies, tools, etc....there literally is a little bit of everything in there. This week I tackled the storage room, and although not completely done, it will be today. Then moving onto our Office/Craft Room.

Progress and Weight Loss

Since this will be a large project and an ongoing process, I will share my journey in purging through other posts. The reason I am talking about it in my 80lb Journey journal is that I know once this area of my life is tackled, it will help me to focus and set more goals for the weight loss journey. Being at a standstill has been frustrating, but realizing what some of the barriers are gives me a reason to keep going. With determination and the support and encouragement from Michelle, I will succeed.
What are some barriers you face, that maybe you didn't realize are linked to your health or weight struggles?
I started a Facebook page to share the ups and downs, recipes and tips. JOIN US THERE and share your thoughts in the comments below as well.

Here is my journey unfolding:

  1. Hi Ruth, its been a while since I saw you last… I think it was Mexico with Avon. I just felt I needed to share with you that I totally feel you!! My whole life I’ve struggle with body image, either deprived myself from food to be thin or overindulge and felt awful about myself. Recently I learned to forgiven myself for not always making the right choices and stopped looking at excercise as punishment for my wrong food choices. Like you I’ve changed my mindset towards food. I now look at it as clean fuel to a healthy body and healthy mind. I’m now over 50 (52 this year) I want more than ever to be HEALTHY and to LIVE life not stand to by and be a spectacular because I don’t feel good about myself. When you talk about decluttering. … it is sooo hard!! Everything has a memory for me. My biggest struggle now is letting go. I try and each time it’s just moving it from one spot to another. I need to do this but it’s so hard.

  2. It is so true about the memories…or the feeling that “I will use that someday”, but I have to remind myself that I didn’t buy that “thing” to feel bogged down. Or it wasn’t given to me to make me feel bad. If you can look at something and accept that you appreciated and enjoyed it, but now it just feels like clutter, then you can let it go. I still struggle with this.
    I started taking photos of things before I let them go ..that way I can add a pic to a scrap book or journal later if I want to revisit the memory.

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