My #80lbJourney – Cheesies, Hickory Sticks and Beer! Oh My!

My #80lbJourney – Cheesies, Hickory Sticks and Beer! Oh My!


Okay, we all have days where we don’t try as hard, or maybe skip out on watching what we eat, or exercising. Well, this week threw me for a complete loop. I promised when I started these weekly posts, that I would share the ups AND downs. This past week/weekend was a downward spiral. WARNING, long post ahead!

I knew I would not get into the gym this week because my oldest boy is away at Camp Argonaut for summer cadet training. He usually watches my 3 yr old so I can get out. Fine, I planned to work out at home following the on demand workouts from Airtime.

Sunday night and Monday were extremely stressful, as my son was homesick and not happy being away, and I didn’t expect that. I worried, stressed over what to do, and then stressed over my decision to be a tough parent and not do anything. SO….the gym, working out….well, I did a workout at home Monday, half effort, but I did it. Wednesday came and I cancelled my gym appt as I ended up on a conference call that afternoon. Not a biggie, but I should have made up for it with an at home workout. Friday was coming on quick, and we planned to go to Fredericton for the weekend. I felt I needed to get to the gym, no matter what.

I did go to the gym Friday and enlisted my nephew to babysit for me. What a relief. I know now that I NEED the gym. Getting out of the house and going to the gym makes me happy, and a nicer person to be around. I tend to let things fester, and get to me. Being stressed all week, not knowing our plans for the weekend until last minute and not getting in the workouts was getting to me.

Saturday we finally knew when we would get to see our son at Camp and that we would be able to sign him out overnight. What a relief. Off we went to Oromocto. Clayton was excited to get to the hotel and wanted to check out the pool. He and I loved it. We swam before supper and after, then settled down to rest before Lorne joined us that evening.
Seeing my boys together and happy was awesome. Both were so happy to be with us. Together.


I know it may seem silly to some, but we spend most of our time together. Never having been away for more than a night or two before, we all felt the homesickness Lorne was going through. All was good now that we were spending time together.

At this point, I had stayed on track with food, not eating anything overly indulgent or “bad” all week. Had sushi for supper on Saturday, and then all went down hill…. 🙁

Cheesies, Hickory sticks and Beer! Oh My!

I am not kidding. I ate junk and even drank a beer, a Pump House Radler (I am not a beer drinker, but this stuff is amazing!). No measuring and counting calories, no looking at the calorie count at all, I just ate it. After, I felt NOT so great, since I had been avoiding this kind of food for about a month, it seemed foreign to my body I guess. But, it didn’t stop there. Breakfast wasn’t bad, a boiled egg, yogurt, banana and coffee. But Lunch was a Ranch Chicken Ciabatta with side of fries and supper was a Korean Sub at Subway. Too Much Bread!

So there you have it, I caved, indulged, and felt bloated and not so good after. I was super cranky yesterday and still today. Eating better today, but not completely back on track. Tomorrow is a new day, I will move forward and try to curb those cravings the next time they surface. Or at least find some healthier options to satisfy those cravings.

Gym goals this week:
  • Get there Wednesday and Friday, in the gym.
Food Goals this week:
  • Prep lunches
  • Keep on track even if I have to eat out.
  • Drink water, Drink even more water, and when I think I can’t drink any more, have another glass!
Other Goals:
  • Get boys rooms finished (need to put up things on the walls and make curtains for one)
  • Start back to school organizing. What do we have already, what do we need to get?
  • Go for a walk at least 3 times this week.
  • Get to bed by 11pm.

Just keeping it real here. We all struggle and have various factors that can sabotage our efforts. I truly believe that getting back on track is the thing we need to teach ourselves, to acknowledge the setback, and move on. Just because I had a couple bad days with my eating and exercise, it doesn’t erase all the good done over the past month. In fact, I think it proved to me that what I have been doing has been making me feel better than I realized. Mentally and physically, this week I felt gross (that’s the only fitting word). So, I know I want to feel that energy again, that happier me needs to come back to the surface. Most of all, I need to remember how I felt these past few days, and try not to let it happen again.

Happy week to you, and keep moving!


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