My Morning Pick Me Up Comes From The Ocean!

My morning Pick Me Up comes from the ocean! 

*Sponsored Post. All stories and opinions are my own. 

I am a coffee girl, have been for years and will be for years to come. Every morning my coffee maker grinds the coffee beans and brews a fresh pot of steamy goodness. For many years it was the first thing to cross my lips in the morning, until I started making an effort to cut back on coffee and start drinking more water. When I had a goal to drink more water, I started my day with a large glass of water right before my coffee. Helping with the dehydrating effect of the coffee and giving my body a little more of what it really needed after a long night.

When we get busy and are trying to make healthy choices in our lives, we often turn to supplements to round out our vitamin and nutrient intake. When I was first introduced to Karen Marine Phytoplankton (as part of the Sculpt Health & Wellness Program), I just thought, okay, another supplement to help me feel or look healthier…I didn’t question it, I was game to try whatever was thrown at me.

I had already introduced multivitamins to my routine and never really thought much about it. It is all good for me, so why not?

There was my new routine; Glass of water, Karen powder, vitamins and then my coffee. 

What I didn’t realize was what this would actually do for me. Honestly, the first month I took the powder every day, wondering if it made any difference, and then I stopped when my supply was gone. THAT’S when I noticed the change. I realized very quickly that my stomach was in knots, and I my brain was scattered more…but it wasn’t more than normal for me, just more than I had been during the previous month. See where I am going here? What I had not noticed were those changes, those anxiety knots in my stomach had subsided while taking the powder and I had been more focused. 

Being someone who struggles with social anxieties and I suspect ADHD (not diagnosed, but if you know me…SQUIRREL….you know what I mean! lol), my brain is constantly moving, my stomach tied in knots and I tend to be a nervous wreck, at least inside my head. To people outside my family, I come across as more confident, and fairly well spoken, but inside I am a jumble 24/7. 

After spending a couple months without Karen in my routine and reflecting on how I was feeling, my next step was to get more of this product!! They had introduced their tablets at this point, and I decided to take them this time. 

Now that I have been taking them for more than a month, and have regained the benefits mentioned above, I will share what else it has done for me. My hair and nails are stronger and growing faster, my skin is clearer, and my energy level has increased. The only difference in my life has been introducing this product, so that is my proof that I will be sticking with it from now on! 

NOW, my morning routine starts with Karen and a big glass of water. My coffee is a luxury, not a requirement for the perk up 😉


I am not going to get into all the details of what this product claims or the science behind this natural product, you can visit their website for that. Check them out, read the testimonials, every one is different, and it amazes me how many people have seen enormous benefits from these products. My husband and son have just started taking the tablets and my youngest son uses the lotion. You will hear more about the benefits they get from this addition to their daily routine next month. I want to give them a chance to decide what they think.

pssst…did I mention, this is a LOCAL company? They are located in Sackville, NB and distribute their products around the world!


You can find out more information about these products on their website at or visit them on Facebook here

THE BEST PART….they have a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

*While this post is sponsored, I want to clarify that I believe in this product so much that my entire family now use the products and rather than financial compensation for my opinion and sharing my story, I requested product.

8 thoughts on “My Morning Pick Me Up Comes From The Ocean!”

  1. Wow! This is so interesting. I’m always wary about trying new powders and supplements as there are so many options and it’s overwhelming to know what’s valid and what’s a sham. It’s so good to hear that you had such a great experience with this product (and that’s it’s local, yay!). Thanks for sharing your story, I’ll definitely be looking into this further!

  2. Heidi, it really is a fabulous product! I have met most of the staff too, such a great company and people to support.

  3. ive been meaning to try to for a long time! Thanks for this post.

  4. Would love to try this

  5. Thanks for introducing the product. ..shared it to Twitter, I think. my followers could benefit from learning about them too!!

  6. This stuff sounds awesome. I love that it’s a local company too.

  7. Hey . . So glad I found your story! So, you didn’t really notice the changes as they were happening, like the changes were so subtle it wasn’t a ‘fact’ till after you stopped taking it? I’m just on my 4th day and not noticing a whole lot yet . . but I also have anxiety and depression issues, an arthritic knee that etc. Although, yesterday I did notice I wasn’t as stiff getting out of my van and I could move quicker. I manage buildings and do a lot of driving and in/out of vehicle and before, I used to have to take a couple of seconds to unstiffen, . . . so bit of a change there. I don’t have a lot of patience with products so it has been a help to read your story. I will keep taking and watch for the subtleties. 🙂

  8. I have noticed more and more things as I have been taking them longer as well. My hair and nails are growing faster and stronger. My skin is so much clearer now and my energy level is continuing to go up.
    Stick it out, I truly love this product and hope you have great success with it!

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