MCL Team are on Vacation!

MCL Team are on Vacation!


FYI: the MCL Tear are ALL on Vacation from the blog/Facebook for the summer!

You will still have me (Ruth Ann, the original MCL) here posting the deals and coupons.

I told my team, who all have other commitments, jobs and busy lives, to take the summer “off”. I am sure they will all pop in and post when they want, but they are not stuck trying to fill their time searching out the deals while family life passes them by!
That being said, I will be limiting most of my posts to certain hours and sharing some useful links the rest of the time.

WE NEED YOU to help share as well. Our readers are always welcome to share their deals, shopping brags and frugal tips. Keep it up, we love it!

Happy Savings,
Ruth Ann

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