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Mastering My Mind Set by Michelle Collins

*this post was sponsored by Master Mindset. All thoughts, experiences and opinions are our own.

My husband and I had the privilege of attending Master Mindset, organized by Marcel Petipas, on Oct 20, and from the moment we walked into the Dieppe Arts and Culture Center, we could tell it was going to be a special night. As people started to arrive, there was a sense of connectedness and community, as people chatted and milled about. I was thrilled to see many of the people that I had met at Work of Heart, and I think Ray was a little overwhelmed as I introduced him to each one. It was the perfect start and set the tone for the rest of the program. A little disclaimer here, I love, LOVE, LOVE events like this while my husband is still new to the whole process.

Marcel started off the evening’s presentations by welcoming us all with the statement that it was not a coincidence that we were all there, that everyone who was present would bring the energy needed to make the evening a success. He then shared his vision of building a community to help people to become their best selves.

The first speaker was John Savage, owner and operator of Camp Centennial. Ray and I have known John and his family for many years through church and school activities, and it was wonderful to see him again. He spoke with great passion about Camp Centennial and the work done by the counselors and campers as they learn and grow together. One of the points that really stuck with me is when he said, “Who we are while we do the things we chose, is everything”. Choosing to be yourself allows others to do the same. He also commented on the theme of the camp “It’s not that you can’t…you just haven’t learned how.” He then went on to explain that when learning a something new, it might not mean that you will be the best at it, but you can learn the skill, and enjoy doing it. This is a great reminder for people of all ages, especially those of us who have a few years under our belts, who might put off learning something new just because we “are too old”.

Jessica Kennedy shared her struggles with anxiety and depression in a powerful presentation. It was real, and raw. She told us everything that she has done to deal with her challenges, and that it is work she does on daily basis.  What really resonated with me is when she said, “You set the breaking point, you choose your breaking point.” It reminded me to set my boundaries and stand by them.

Avery MacArthur started her business Lips by Avery when she was just 12 years old. Her presentation started off with the story of how elephants are trained to not pull a rope that they could easily dislodge, by being tied by a heavy rope when they are young. So often we are tied to our beliefs of what we can or can not do by these kinds of flimsy ropes. She told of being at the Library of Congress and getting the chance to spend time in the room with rare books because she asked. Again, we often assume what the answer will be, so we don’t even ask the question. She finished by telling another story about elephants, this time it was the warrior elephants that Hannibal used in battle. She challenged us to decide if we were going to be tied by a small rope, or be warriors.

The intermission following these three speakers gave us the opportunity to absorb what we had heard and to share the experience with others. It didn’t feel like “networking”, more like trading “aha” moments and taking the time to nourish our bodies as well as our minds.

Cindy O’Donnell spoke of the power of perspective, with a very personal story about her pregnancy and her relationship with her father. She asked if we hide the truth to make things easier, and I admit, this is sometimes my path. Of course, the truth will always come through, and our illusion of safety falls away, as we still need to deal with what we were trying to hide. She shared three mindsets:

  1. Belief: know why you believe what you believe, and does it serve you?
  2. Alignment: If you are always looking for what’s next, you will miss out on what’s now. Alignment is your why, not your how.
  3. Forgiveness: Being anchored to our past keeps us from flying to the destinations of the future.

“if a moment of forgiveness is hard, try a lifetime of regret.”

Natalie Davison was next and her presentation on “Creativity” was transcending traditional ideas about creativity, that the joy is in the journey, and to enjoy the process. She introduced three powerful lessons by sharing stories from her life:

  • Lesson 1: Your posse determines your velocity. Look at who and where you are spending your time and energy.
  • Lesson 2: If you’re not making, you’re faking. Everyone is called to have creativity, whether it be painting, or writing or science experiments. Connect with that part of you.
  • Lesson 3: You were a star before you had scars. What has scarred you that made you stop being the star you were born to be?

A babysitter’s comment on the hand flapping gesture that Natalie did when she was in her most creative space caused a feeling of shame. Natalie spent the following years hiding this gesture by modifying it to be “more acceptable”. When she revealed this, after many warnings to us about how naked she felt in exposing this secret, the entire audience joined her in hand flapping and a new hashtag was born. I know I was not the only person who shed tears as I thought back to those moments in my life when I felt shame about being different.

Marcel finished off the night with stories of how he came to create Master Mindset and the lessons that he learned from spending time at a retreat with unhappy millionaires. These men had all the trappings of success, but still did not feel happiness. It was a wake-up call for Marcel about the direction he wanted to move in, and wonderful reminder to us about what we seek when we think of what “being happy” really means.

It was an evening of learning, sharing and growth. The mix of people created a safe space and certainly seemed to meet the goal Marcel had set in building a community that would help us to grow to our best selves. My introverted husband and my extroverted self both enjoyed it, and spent time discussing the various presentations. We each had different “takeaways” and “aha moments”.

Marcel is already planning next year’s event, and advance tickets are already on sale! Check out the Facebook page and find out more details.

Thank you to Marcel and everyone who worked so hard to make this a magical evening, and thank you to Ruth Ann for the opportunity to share this with all of you.


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  1. Thanks for a great piece on Master Mindset and for being there to share the experience with us! Can’t wait to take it up another level next year and impact even more people in our community. 🙂

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