Magnetic Hill Zoo – Moncton, New Brunswick

Inside: Our visit to the Magnetic Hill Zoo – Moncton, New Brunswick. Sharing  photos from our visit as a family and my experience at Breakfast with the Tigers.

One of our family favourites for many years is right here in Moncton. The Magnetic Hill Zoo.

The Magnetic Hill Zoo is a family-friendly environment that is committed to protecting animal species and educating visitors about animals and their habitats. The zoo focuses on conservation, education, research, and recreation.

The Magnetic Hill Zoo is divided into four distinct areas: the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Discovery Centre.  Throughout the year, the zoo also hosts special seasonal events. In the Fall, there is Boo At The Zoo, Winter has Wild Lights at the Zoo, and Sunday openings during March (depending on weather). In June they offer a family-friendly day of activities called Funzoola and in August a Customer appreciation day. There are birthday party packages and summer camps as well.

There have been many changes and upgrades to the habitats at the Magnetic Hill Zoo over the past 20 years that we have been going there. Follow along with our photos, as we tour some of the zoo.

A favourite with most children (and adults) is the goat enclosure, with the option to feed and pet the goats. Bring change for the food dispenser, and be prepared for pushy goats. They like their food.

I had the pleasure to experience a program that was being offered at the Magnetic Hill Zoo called Breakfast with the Tigers. It was phenomenal learning about these beautiful creatures and hearing how our zoo is helping them, along with all the attention to details that goes into their care. Our zookeepers have an amazing job.

Please note, there are no photos of the Tiger experience included as we were not permitted to take photos. When we toured the zoo later in the day, the tigers were not close enough to get photos of them to share. 

The morning started off with a continental breakfast in a classroom setting with the 5 other participants. The groups are kept to a small number to allow everyone to fully experience the program, have the opportunity to ask questions and allow the Tigers to be closer to a small group of humans they are not familiar with (more on that shortly). 

While we enjoyed our breakfast, we spent about half an hour learning about the world of tigers, why they are endangered, and how we can help. We then followed our guide to the behind the scenes area of the Amur Exhibit for a rare and close up look at how they care for these apex predators. 

Some of the things we learned:
  • There were 9 species of Tigers, with 3 being extinct and only 6 remain living today.  
  • As apex predators, they hunt other animals, but no other animal hunts them.
  • They are the biggest of the big cats weighing in on average at 700lbs.
  • The Amur Tigers (that we have 2 of at the zoo) are also known as Siberian Tigers and love the snowy climate here in Canada.
  • They make 3 sounds, a roar, a moan, and a chuff. We heard the moan and chuff while visiting them. Chuffing is their happy sound, and the moans we heard that day were mainly when they were eating.

We were taken to the Tiger enclosure and were able to enter the building that the tigers come into. There is a very thorough process that involves many locks and checks done before any doors are open or the tigers are moved from one area to another. The zookeeper shared how they train the tigers to come to them, stand up on the cage, to inspect under them, and move from one area to another in their enclosure.

We were able to ask all our questions and get the opportunity to see these amazing cats up close. 

It was an experience that I’ll never forget!  It was a once in a lifetime amazing day.

This experience was offered before the pandemic.  Maybe it will return in the future. 

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