Magnetic Hill Zoo – Moncton, New Brunswick

Inside: Enjoy a visit to the Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton, New Brunswick. Sharing photos from our visit as a family and my experience at Breakfast with the Tigers.

A fun and educational destination for our family over the years has been the Magnetic Hill Zoo, located right here in Moncton.

The Magnetic Hill Zoo is a wonderful place for families to visit, where the safety and well-being of animals is a top priority. The zoo is dedicated to educating visitors about the habitats of different animal species and promoting conservation efforts. Additionally, the zoo offers opportunities for research and recreation.

The Magnetic Hill Zoo is separated into four unique regions: the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Discovery Centre. Additionally, the zoo holds special seasonal events throughout the year. During the Fall, there is Boo At The Zoo, while Winter has Wild Lights at the Zoo, and Sunday openings in March, depending on the weather. In June, they provide a family-friendly day of activities called Funzoola, and in August, there is a Customer Appreciation Day. The Magnetic Hill Zoo also offers birthday party packages and summer camps.

There have been many changes and upgrades to the habitats at the Magnetic Hill Zoo over the past 20 years that we have been going there. Follow along with our photos, as we tour some of the zoo.

One of the most beloved attractions for both kids and adults at the site is the goat enclosure, where visitors have the opportunity to interact with and feed the goats. Make sure to bring some change for the food dispenser and be ready for the goats’ eagerness when it comes to feeding time. They certainly enjoy their food.

I recently took part in a fascinating program offered by the Magnetic Hill Zoo called Breakfast with the Tigers. It was an incredible experience to learn about these majestic creatures and witness how our zoo is committed to their well-being, including the meticulous attention to their care by our dedicated zookeepers. 

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos during the Tiger experience, and later in the day, the tigers were not close enough for us to capture any pictures to share. 

The morning began with a continental breakfast in a classroom setting with only five other participants. The group size is intentionally kept small to ensure an immersive experience for everyone, with ample opportunities to ask questions and for the tigers to interact with a small group of unfamiliar humans (more on that in a moment).

During our breakfast, we dedicated thirty minutes to learn about the world of tigers, including their endangered status and ways in which we can aid their conservation efforts. Afterward, we accompanied our guide to the behind-the-scenes portion of the Amur Exhibit to witness firsthand the exceptional care provided to these apex predators.

During our visit, we gained valuable knowledge about Tigers. It was fascinating to learn that there were originally 9 species, but unfortunately, 3 are now extinct, leaving only 6 still living today. As apex predators, they are known for hunting other animals, and no other animal preys on them. These majestic creatures are the largest of the big cats, weighing an average of 700lbs. The Amur Tigers, which we were fortunate enough to see at the zoo, are also referred to as Siberian Tigers and thrive in the snowy climate of Canada. During our visit, we were able to hear them make three distinct sounds: a roar, a moan, and a chuff. We learned that chuffing is their way of expressing happiness, while the moans we heard were mainly when they were eating. Overall, it was a truly educational and memorable experience.

We had the opportunity to visit the Tiger enclosure and even entered the building where the tigers are kept. The process of opening doors and moving the tigers from one area to another involves several security measures such as multiple locks and checks. The zookeeper also explained the training process for the tigers, including coming to the zookeepers, standing up on the cage for inspection, and moving from one area to another within their enclosure.

Due to the small group size, we were able to ask all of the questions we had and enjoy the opportunity of seeing these amazing cats up close. 

It was an experience that I’ll never forget!  It was a once-in-a-lifetime amazing day.

This experience was offered before the pandemic.  While “Breakfast with the Tigers” is no longer offered, there is a new and similar opportunity to learn and experience these creatures, excluding the breakfast, through “Behind the Scenes: Big Cats”.

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