Lips that last! – review of Lipsense

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for review purposes. All wording , photos and opinions are my own.

Okay, I used to be a lipstick  girl…but over the years have not found a lipstick that I can wear all day and one that does not glob up on my lips. My many attempts to find a long lasting lipstick resulted in me giving up and just using lip balm or lightweight gloss.

Well, when Karen asked me to review the LipSense liquid lip colour and gloss, I was hopeful. I had heard a few people mention these products from SeneGence and they have all loved it.

The product is a liquid lip colour, not a lipstick. It is applied in 4 layers, 3 layers of colour and topped off with the gloss. Each layer only takes seconds to dry, so it is a quick and easy process.

Before (above). With LipSense and Glossy top coat (below).

Later that day (10 hrs later)

The initial layer of colour tingles a little, and do not apply to chapped lips (I did that too…it stings, but goes away fast). You wait a few seconds and apply the second layer, that is now protected from your skin’s PH by the first layer, then the third layer protects the second layer from saliva and the elements…making a consistant colour throughout the entire day. 

At the end of the day you can use the Ooops! Remover to remove the colour or apply a layer of coconut oil and remove with cotton pads or wipe.

Lipsense is:

And stays on from up to 18 hours!

I truly love this product and will be asking Santa for another colour in my stocking 🙂

Thank you to Karen for providing me with these products for review. 

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