Kitchen Tip – How to Dice Onions

Tip of the day- how to dice onions.

It sounds simple enough, right? Just cut it up… I used to always dice up my onions by cutting them in half and placing the flat side down, then cut one way and then the other. When I would get to the end I was holding, the chunks would get bigger and uneven as there was less to hold onto.

I do have a “chopper” and I love it for big projects. But I hate having to clean it, so when I need one onion diced, this is what I do.

This is my method and it is so easy. I can’t remember where I first saw this method, but I have been dicing onions like this for a while and it makes it so easy to hold and dice evenly.

1. Start by peeling the outer skin.

2. Then slice a small piece off one side to create a flat surface to rest onion on cutting board.

3. Next, slice from the root base to the other end of the onion. These can create a wide or narrow row as you wish. Do not cut all the way to the root base, leave a small area connected.

4. Place onion on the cutting board on the flat side. Hold onion with fingers close to the root base. Dice onion by slicing new lines across the onion from the end opposite the root base all the way to where you are holding at the base.


You will have a diced onion using all the onion and able to hold it well while dicing.


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