Kitchen Tip #14 – Meal Plan Board

Having a menu plan set up for your family will help you save both time and money. This Menu Board is a visual tool for keeping on track and planning out your meals for the week. Amanda shared her method for menu planning, creating a menu board.

How To Create A Menu Board: 

  • This can be done using things you already have around your house. Amanda used an empty cereal box, unfolding it and cutting off the edges to make one flat sheet.
  • Decorate your sheet as desired, with the days of the week listed down the left side.
  • You can laminate it at this stage for longer use.
  • Cut small cardboard pieces to make your meal labels, this will make your meals easy to switch week by week.
  • Write the name of your meal on these labels (pot roast, casserole, shake n’ bake chicken, etc.)
  • You can use sticky tack to adhere to meals to your board.

Pinterest has a lot of examples and ideas for menu plans also.

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1 thought on “Kitchen Tip #14 – Meal Plan Board”

  1. We have a meal planning board and I LOVE it! It saves us time and energy when we forget what we had planned, plus I can always ask my boyfriend to get it started if I’m not home and he’ll know exactly which meal we are making that given day.

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