Kiss Traditional Money Jars Goodbye, Hello Quber!

Sponsored by Quber, all experiences and wording are my own.

Grab a toonie from the savings jar! That’s how we don’t save in this house, and I am sure we are not alone. The jar is there, and when the kids need a loonie for PJ day at school, or I want a coffee on my way to skating lessons, we grab the change out of the jar. So much for saving, or even having a goal associated with that jar, it’s just there…

We all want to save for something, no matter how big or small, but how often do we actually set a value and timeline to that savings goal? Or how often do we grab from those savings, to use elsewhere?

What if I told you there is an app that will challenge you to be more aware of your transactions,  to cut back on extra spending, and automatically saves that money in a virtual money jar? It is here, and it is so much fun!

Quber is the ideal app to help you change your spending habits, set savings goals and watch them materialize through actual goal-specific savings on a timeline.

Quber is a new app launching in the coming weeks here in Canada, and it is a fun and unique way to help you save money.  Currently partnered with 7 Canadian financial institutions, with more coming, Quber is a virtual money jar with a twist. It allows you to set actions, related to how you spend your money and then assigns your money to a goal specific money jar, to withdraw later. 

Having had the opportunity to use Quber and get a feel for how it works, I can see how this will make goal-oriented saving a fun challenge for everyone.

One thing many of us do not often do is look at the everyday transactions that we make. Are you aware of how much you spend each week on coffee or other small purchases? Quber places that spending history at your fingertips, and offers you a way to control and adjust your spending to allow for savings where you didn’t realize you could save.  The app will even offer suggestions on where to save or set a limit on those transactions.

My current goals are set for 3 months and 7 months from now. I would like $500 for day trips this summer, to be saved by June 30th, and $1,000 for Christmas spending.  I will do a little more research into setting a longer-term goal for a family vacation, so I can set a 2-year goal for that one.

Setting personal challenges makes this app a fun way to put savings into your jar. There are also options to save a set dollar value every time you shop a certain store, or even rounding up your transactions to the nearest $1 or even $10. You decide how you save, Quber does the work!

For more details, follow Quber on Facebook and sign-up at for a sneak preview.

Available in App stores now!


11 thoughts on “Kiss Traditional Money Jars Goodbye, Hello Quber!”

  1. This is great , thank you ! Can I use my payroll deposit to put money aside for my Christmas gifts using Quber ?

  2. Yes Olivia, you can set parameters around deposits into your account. It is a great app and I am so excited to keep using it!

  3. Even after all this time…I am still not great at putting aside regular savings . We definitely need to be more aware of our transactions and waste. Quber sounds like it would be the perfect app for us!

  4. Hi Monica – You are right ! Quber was created to make us mindful of our spending and save for what matters to us .
    Your friendly Quber team

  5. I am with Progressive Credit . Will this app work with Progressive ?

  6. This looks so cool! I will be signing up for this! Good bye money jar!

  7. Very interesting! I’m up for the challenge!

  8. Can you go in the money you have save and take it ?? I wanna do a emergency one and if i need money for the kids i could go in it.

  9. Yes, you can “cash out” at anytime, it will transfer back to your linked bank account for your access. I believe there is a limit of $3,000 per transaction. You can contact Quber directly if you have any questions on those details. I don’t want to give the incorrect info 🙂

  10. This is such a cool idea! I love it! Totally sharing this with the husband lol

  11. Well this might be exactly what I need!!!!

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