Just Simplify

As many of you know, I am always doing too many things and am in constant need of simplifying! So I am going to try to get back some order, and simplify my life, household, and my brain! lol

As I go through this process I will share my tips, ideas, & thoughts on the things I try. Hopefully, I will have some input and feedback from you.

Deals/ Couponing
I am going to list tips and weekly specials with coupons for saving money on items I need for my home/family.

I will update and post pics of my attempts at simplifying the STUFF in my house and how I will keep it organized. For example: Toys, Office, Scrapbooking, Books, Clothing, etc
This will be a week-by-week progress, with a different theme each week.

Affordable Fun
This will be where I share ideas and deals on fun things to do as a family, in Moncton, and within a few hours of here (day trips).

My goal is to post at least one blog a week on each of these topics!

Please feel free to comment, ask me questions, and make suggestions!
I love feedback.

Have a beautiful day, and come back again tomorrow to check out what I have done.

Ruth Ann

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