June 4th: Moncton Remembers

Jun 4th: Moncton Remembers


Today marks one year since our community was changed forever. We lost three RCMP officers; men, father’s, protectors, who ran into a scenerio no one ever would have imagined occurring here in Moncton. 


Many lives were changed that night and in the days to follow. Their families, their RCMP family, all emergency responders and the many families in our community that witnessed the events or were locked down.
A year later I still remember how scared we all were locked in our homes, only streets from where it was all happening. I remember the reaction of my 11 yr old to all the police presence, the helicopters flying over our home 24 hours a day and the fear knowing my family members in the RCMP were out there in the midst of the manhunt.
Time heals, our community is moving forward with projects and activities to remember the sacrifices of these men and their families. We will never forget June 4th in Moncton, it means different emotions for different people, but a year later it is still fresh in our minds and hearts.
Take time today, wherever you are, and remember these men and their families. 
We can heal as a community, but will never forget. 

~ Ruth Ann

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