Day-tripping In Nova Scotia – Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Day-tripping in Nova Scotia – Joggins Fossil Cliffs

The Joggins Fossil Cliffs are located in Joggins, Nova Scotia, at 100 Main Street. This is a great day trip from Moncton, NB at just over one hour’s drive. We spent hours on the beach after exploring the interpretive centre. 

The interpretive centre includes timelines, examples of other fossils from the same time frame and history of the Joggins Cliffs, including the coal mining industry of the past.

Interactive exhibits make the centre more interesting for children and adult’s alike.

The small community of Joggins, Nova Scotia offers a local restaurant, beach access, convenience store, seasonal information centre, two gift shops, and the Crab Apple Bed and Breakfast.

Where the world-famous Bay of Fundy exposes a 300-million-year-old story.

The Joggins Fossil Cliffs are UNESCO World Heritage Site. This means the site is protected and you cannot remove any fossils from the site.

Be sure to check the Tide Table for Joggins HERE, before you head there. You want to be sure to arrive when you have plenty of time to explore the beach and ocean floor!

We took part in the Wanderer’s experience, having a 4 year old along for the tour, this was the best option for us at the time. At just $38 for a family of 4, this was a wonderful outdoor educational experience for our whole family. I would love to do the Explorer’s or Adventurer’s experience some day.

Check out the frog above the fossil on the cliff. Below are some of the fossils we saw and touched that day.

The beach is covered in hundreds of fossils. Also, if you look up onto the cliffs, you’ll find fossils there as well. There is a tree trunk in one of the photos above, see if you can pick it out.

Lorne and I spent more time walking the beach and exploring a little further than Doug and Clayton. We were there on a cool windy day, so Clayton wanted to go back up to the interpretive center after about an hour. There are picnic tables, a maze and a small natural playground there as well.

Admission fees include:

  1. A tour with one of our knowledgeable interpretative guides — choose one of the following:
  2. Full-day access to our interpretive gallery, café, and gift shop,
  3. Full-day access to the grounds and beach (weather-permitting),
  4. Full-day parking.

FYI: Dogs ARE allowed on leash on the beach. You must clean up after your dog.

Have you ever visited Joggins? Our next adventure down that way will be an all day, or perhaps a weekend of exploring on further to other areas on the Bay of Fundy.

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  1. Would you happen to remember if the picnic table area is covered or have shade? I could be traveling with seniors and looking for shade. Greatly Appreciated.

  2. I believe there were a couple close to the museum/information center that would be under eaves. There are also benches inside the building.

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