It’s Christmas and I am thinking of our beautiful NB Beaches! #MyNBChristmasTree

Over the past few summers, my boys and I have spent many hours on the road, visiting and exploring our beautiful New Brunswick coastline.  As I thought about a theme for a New Brunswick Christmas Tree, my very first thought was to create a tree that represents all those fun day trips and adventures we have spent as a family. Family is our focus this time of year, so we decided to create some ornaments that cherish those tidbits of time spent Discovering NB Beaches. There is so much more to explore in NB, and I look forward to adding more hand made ornaments to this tree each year. 

We created all of these ornaments from basic crafting items, found items (sea glass, pebbles, shells) and some printed images for the decoupage ornaments. The shells, seaglass and pebbles are all from our beach trips, and I even had little bags with some items marking the beaches we found them on. You can see in this ornament, I have included the location we collected the items from.

Clayton and I spent an afternoon making Salt Dough ornaments as well. Making circles to paint blue, adding roap and a shell. We also cut out tree shapes and added sea glass for colour, and a circle to showcase some more sea glass.


You can also see an Angel (above) made by East Coast Sea Gems. Salisha made the angels with shells, and the Grinch and trees with sea glass. Thank you to Salisha for the lovely onrnaments that go right along with our #MyNBChristmasTree theme!

Our tree is a table top tree, with room for  few more ornaments in the coming years. My goal is to continue to create ornaments that remind us of all we did the previous year. We are going to be picking up a new large tree this year, and will likely use the old one in our family room to continue this memory tree idea. 

We have teamed up with 2 other NB bloggers to share our NB inspired Christmas trees. Be sure to check out their posts and enter our contest as well.


The rules are simple: decorate a tree (any size, and honestly, a wreath would be acceptable, too!) in a New Brunswick theme. You can check out our posts to see the different ways we interpreted that theme; from honouring people to industry to natural resources, we want to see anything that celebrates New Brunswick! Share a photo of your creation with us; you can post in the comments or on our Facebook page at Everything Unscripted, but the easiest is to pop up an Instagram post with #MyNBChristmasTree.

 Anyone who shares their New Brunswick-inspired tree will have their name in a draw for a gift certificate for The NB Box!


The NB Box is a fabulous way to pamper yourself or someone else, perfect for everyone from your best friend to your new client to your family living away. Each box is filled with carefully curated locally-made products - and you can pick and choose what's in your box, which is exactly what our contest winner will be able to do! You'll receive a credit of $50 to create your own box of goodies, just in time for the holidays. We'll accept entries until Sunday, December 9th.

We also have a few special runner-up prizes to gift, as well - these beautiful hand-made New Brunswick tartan-inspired ornaments, handcrafted especially for the #MyNBChristmasTree contest!

These will be a collectors item - so get those trees (or wreaths!) decorated and share your photos!


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  1. What a great way to showcase your beach souvenirs! New Brunswick has so many great beaches to explore, collect sea glass and simply enjoy!

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