It never hurts to ask…the worst they can say is No!

Okay, so I love to coupon and save money…who doesn’t like to save money? Being newish to couponing and discount programs, and such, I have never asked for an extra deal or discount when buying a big ticket item.
Well…today I saved myself $100 just because I asked for a deal
I needed to have work done on my car, and I got a quote over $250! I thought, man, I could spend that money on so many other things than my car, but I need to work done. So when I called back to book the appointment I just asked “Is there anyway you can give me a discount or deal on the work?” the guy put me on hold, and when he came back he told me he would take $100 off!!!!!!!

So remember…JUST ASK! It could be worth $100 in your pocket, or more.

2 thoughts on “It never hurts to ask…the worst they can say is No!”

  1. I was buying school clothes at Old Navy last week, and my total came to $341 (i was picking up items for my nephews as well as my own family).<br />As I was punching in my PIN to pay on debit, the woman at the cash beside me was told &quot;you saved $26 with friends and family discount&quot; …. I paused for a moment, then said &quot;How do you get a friends and family discount?&quot;<br /><br /

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