Inserts: Where To Find Them & How To Get Multiples


Inserts: Where To Find Them & How To Get Multiples


 There have been a lot of questions lately about inserts on our Facebook page, so I’ll do my best to explain what I know. 
When I started couponing several years ago, inserts were found in Saturday newspapers (The Times & Transcript and the Telegraph Journal), and often in the weekly flyer packs in the Greater Moncton area.
It’s important to note that if you have a home subscription to the paper, you  don’t also receive the flyer pack.
If you don’t receive your flyers and don’t subscribe to the paper, call your local distributor to be added to the delivery list.
I started to need multiples to purchase items for Ronald MacDonald House. So I simply dropped by the stores in my area where I frequently shop. I explained that I’m a couponer and looking for the coupon inserts in the leftover newspapers on Sunday nights.  The majority of stores immediately said it was no problem.
So whenever there are coupon inserts, I go around Sunday night and collect the extras.
How do you know when there are inserts? Click HERE for a guideline. They sometimes come the week after they are scheduled due.
The inserts have been sporadic in The Times & Transcript for the last year or so. The Telegraph Journal has the inserts more often but still not all the time.
The flyer packs are the best source and but tricky to get extras of.
Asking friends, neighbours & family to save them for you is an idea.
These are also sporadic. For example, sometimes Moncton North will have the insert in the flyers and Riverview will not. 
The same happens with the newspaper. When this happens, I call my distributor and ask Customer Care to review the list of what was supposed to be in my paper or flyer pack. If it’s determined that I should have received it but I didn’t – I ask if there are extras left so I can come pick one up when I’m in the area.
I think we can agree that it would be nice for consistency ~ and hopefully if we all call them when our coupons are missing ~ they will look into it and get to the bottom of it!
Trading is another great way to get extras. Request to join our trading group HERE.
Don’t forget Coupon swaps!! We host regular bi-weekly coupon swaps that are free to attend. People like me who have extras bring them to share. It’s a great way to meet others who have caught the couponing bug 🙂
Click here to see upcoming swap.
I hope this sheds some light on coupon inserts for you!

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