Important info: Mobile data usage sky high?

Wondering why your recent cell bill is so high?

People are starting to notice they have huge cell bills this month, or warnings they are reaching their data limits. Is this you?

Well, we may have the answer to why!
It may be from using a mobile device with Facebook running.

Have you noticed how the videos on Facebook are now set to auto play in your timeline? If you are viewing on a mobile device using a data plan, you may be in for a surprise on your next bill!

You know not to stream alot of video or it will eat up your monthly data, most of us are aware of that. With this new autoplay feature on our timelines, the data usage is going up dramatically without users realizing.

You do not choose to activate it, but you CAN turn it OFF.

CLICK HERE for an article on how to turn this feature off.

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