The Imperfect Parent – Snack Time, Are You THAT Mom?

The Imperfect Parent – Snack Time, Are You THAT Mom?

Do you fret about what to pack for snacks, how to pack them, and wonder what others are doing?

You know how it goes, you go to the park, mall or a playgroup, everyone is watching you as you haul out the snacks for your child. Or at least you THINK they are all watching you. Honestly, every parent is probably feeling judged for the umpteenth time during their day already, they are likely all sheepishly hauling out their snacks as well.

No matter how well prepared we are, we live in a world of doubt. Doubt we are doing the right thing, wearing the right thing, or giving our children enough attention? Are we being too lenient, or too strict? Are they eating what they should? Are we being the perfect role models?

The Well Planned & Environmentally Conscious Parent: (The mom I would love to be. Sometimes it is me, but more often NOT me) 

The well thought out snacks, that the seemingly easy-going mom across from you planned. Reusable (likely not plastic) container with washed, sliced strawberries, diced avocado, and a personalized metal water bottle.

Then there is me (this actually happened recently): I am sheepishly digging through my purse for the cereal bar, hopefully not crushed into a million pieces, the fruit snacks I grabbed out of the cupboard on the way out the door, and my child has a drink from my water bottle or has a drink box, again, at least it is 100% juice. Do we have reusable containers? Yes. Do we have fruit or veggies in the house? Yes. Does he have his own cup or water bottle? Yes, again. Was I prepared?… well, obviously not! But at least I thought about a snack. Or is that enough?

Sometimes I am the mom, who is planned, put together and thinking about the best options for myself and my child. More often than not, I am THAT mom who is just proud to get out the door, after grabbing a 5 minute or less shower and pulled my hair into a ponytail, yet again. Oh, and has a regular pair of pants or jeans on, no track pants or leggings.

I am just keeping it real here folks! There has to be more of us who are not “perfect”, right?? What is perfection when it comes to parenting?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is amazing some people can be prepared enough to provide strawberries and avocado in reusable containers for their children. On occasion, I may even be able to pull it off, but not on a regular basis, and not if I want him to eat the entire snack without a meltdown or battle. Is that an excuse for the sometimes crappy, snacks I let him have? No, honestly, I am just plain exhausted from trying to be the perfect mom. I am not and never will be perfect, in any area of my life. I am getting better at planning ahead, and making better choices, but let’s face it, there are days that swinging through the drive-thru for a coffee (for mom) and a cookie (for the kiddo) are the only way to keep your sanity and get you where you are going.

My main frustration is not necessarily what I feed my child, I guess it is with society as a whole. So? Maybe every other parent in the room is looking at what I am doing, but I really doubt they are. Let’s be honest, they are likely just as self-conscious and stressed about what others are thinking as I am.

Why do we feel this way? As parents, we need to start being proud of ourselves for raising our kids and stop stressing about what we THINK other people MIGHT be thinking about us. Right?

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  1. Nice ideas that moms can follow through. Having healthy snacks for kids is really important.

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