The Imperfect Parent – You are a good mom…you really are!

The Imperfect Parent – You are a good mom…you really are!

With all the judging in this world and advice we see being shared, I just want to say…you are a good mom. If your kids are fed, clean and happy, you are doing a great job. You Rock!

I am a stay/work at home mom, and although I have my days when I long for adult interaction, I know I am blessed to be able to be home with my children. My house is always a mess, but when we are home 24/7 that is what you get. I rarely get dressed up or put on makeup, but that’s okay too. When I do get the chance to have adult time, I dress up, feel beautiful and enjoy my time for me.

For all the working mom’s, I think you are awesome, you get up and go to work every day and come home and parent. You are setting a great example for your kids by being a career woman. You are teaching them to be strong and independent. You are showing them that you can do it all. You may be exhausted when you get home each day, but you do it and that makes you an amazing mom.

Let’s make a pact to stop judging other moms for what they are, or are not doing. Embrace the fact that we all do what we can and we are all individuals. We all make decisions based on what we know, what works for our family and how we feel. Celebrate the differences in mom-hood, make friends regardless of cloth or disposable diapering, bottle or breastfeeding, organic or not. 

There is enough judgment in this world to make us all crazy, insecure and stressed. Let’s build each other up. Support each other and celebrate being moms.  

It’s a hard job to be a parent, so remember this:

Happy, clean & fed children = YOU ROCK!

When you are stressed, you need to go to the grocery store with 3 kids in tow, one having a meltdown in the middle of the store, one adding items to the cart and the baby sucking on the cart handle, remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. To those watching in apparent horror, buzz off, or HELP OUT. Be kind, do not judge. Or feel free to walk away, if you have no value or support to offer.

Moms (and Dads) are hard enough on ourselves without the external judgment of others. From the second you find out you are pregnant, you start to doubt every decision you make. On top of your self-doubt, you receive unsolicited advice from every generation of women you meet and are judged on the decisions you make. WHY? Why do we feel this is okay, as an individual and as a society. We need to be there for each other, offer support and encouragement, and advice when asked for it. 

So, next time you feel overwhelmed and at the end of your rope, take a second to breathe and remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  You are doing the best you can and are doing a great job!

You are enough, you are rocking this parenting thing, and you deserve to feel appreciated!

Be supportive, be present, and love each other….that’s it for today!

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