How To: Shop Online & Save

How To: Shop Online & Save

Tips for getting the best deals online

It seems that today you can shop online for almost anything; clothing, furniture, toys, personal care and even food. Since more and more retailers are offering an online option, we want to share a few tips and ideas to get the best deals when you choose to shop online.

Cash Back Shopping Portals

Cash back portals are the first thing you should check for.

Cash back programs are available for many stores. These are usually offered through a portal site. These sites have both US/Canada and Worldwide retailers.
For example:
Ebates (cash back & referral bonus)
Mr.Rebates (cash back)
TIP: Search ".ca" for the Canadian Retailers.

Once you decide what retailer you are going to shop from, check if they are affiliated with a cash back portal to earn money back on your shopping.

How do Cash Back sites work?

You log in through the cash back site and select the retailer you want to shop from. The retailer's site will open and you shop as usual. After you place your order, your cash back acct will show the amount you earned back. Some pay out on regular intervals or hold until your account reaches a certain amount.

Check out this article on How To Use Ebates.

Coupon Codes

You can often find coupon codes for 30 to 50 %  off  on most sites.
Most retailers have the option to sign up for a Newsletter.  You will often receive coupon/promotional codes in the newsletters.  Some sites offer regular discounts, while others are occasional offers.
Following their social media sites is another great way to find promotional codes.


Most sites offer a few ways to pay. Paypal and Credit Cards are the most common and secure. If you are not a credit card holder, you may want to consider purchasing a Pre Paid card (fees involved, so factor it into your deals).
I have been a Paypal user, buyer and seller, for many years and love it. Unfortunately not all retailers accept Paypal payments. I have it linked to my bank acct instead of charging to credit cards.


Many sites offer Free Shipping. Sometimes it is a limited offer, often times it is free shipping with a minimum order.
Take advantage of free shipping whenever you can. Always factor shipping into your budget if you o have to pay it. Is it a better deal and more convenient than shopping in store for the same item.

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