HOW TO: Earn Shoppers Optimum Points Faster!

HOW TO: Earn Shoppers Optimum Points Faster!
Who wants to spend $9,500 at Shoppers in the run 3 months to a year? That’s how much you would have to spend to get 95,000 points and redeem $170 (or more on bonus redemption days). That is if you only buy item at regular price, without bonuses and with cash!
Here are some tips on how to earn points faster and without spending anywhere near that kind of money! You can rack up your points to 50,000 or even 95,000 in a few months. Keep reading...
5 Steps to Earning Optimum Points Faster:
1.    Buy a Shoppers Gift Card: The first thing you should do when you go in is purchase a gift card, either for the amount you plan to spend that day, or more. You will receive 10pts per $1 on the Gift Card. (This applies ONLY to Shoppers gift cards, no other gift cards they sell). After you shop and ring in your order, you pay with your GC and get another 10pts per $1 spent! This will automatically give you DOUBLE optimum points!
2.    Bonus Points Events: 20X Points when you spend $X These events run about once a month and are your best way to earn extra points. The best part is, you CAN use coupons to reduce your out of pocket (OOP) expense. For Example: Shoppers is offering 20X points when you spend $75 or more. You have to have a subtotal of $75 or more before coupons. Then once it is subtotaled  use coupons to get your OOP down. You will get 20X points on the subtotaled amount. *Most cashiers will tell you that it must be $75 AFTER coupons, but this is NOT the case. Simply tell them not to worry about it, put the tansaction through and then check your receipt at the end. The cashiers as Always shocked to see the points. Free Product Coupons DO NOT count towards your total. To make it easier to track your total on the 20X pts events, leave your FPCs for another shopping trip.
3.    Shoppers Bonus Optimum Offers: These are bonus points offers available either instore or by printing a coupon from their site. Be sure to read the details to see if there are limitations. Also, if you sign up for v.i.b program, and email newsletter, you will receive additional coupons and offers.
4.  USE THE APP: Download the Shoppers Optimum app and load offers every Saturday to your card. There are so many great offers showing up in the app, be sure to use it.
** BONUS TIP #1: You can also transfer points from one card to another. So if you have a spouse who has a card, and there is an item with Bonus points that is limited to one per cardholder, then you can both get the offer. Then combine your points at a later date.  ** BONUS TIP #2: If you have prescriptions with them, you earn points on the FULL value of the perscription, not what you pay after your coverage. (This varies by province, not available everywhere, be sure to ask before switching your prescriptions)
Post Updated July 29th, 2016  
  1. Do you know if you have to pay out the full amount of your prescription and then submit to your insurance after the fact? (that is what I have been doing and it works) but wondering if I could get the same deal if prescription was paid for by insurance at that time.<br />

  2. So glad I found this info!! thank you

  3. my insurance pays 90% of my prescriptions and i get the points on the full amount of the prescription..<br />

  4. The best promotion according to me is 18500 pt for 75$ spent.<br />You get 18500 pt plus regular pt, so it amounts to 19250 pt for 75$ spent (before taxes). This promotion comes around about once a month, especially if you receive the email promotions.<br /><br />That means that if you spend 75$ x 5 you will get 96250 pt for 375$ spent (before taxes).<br /><br />If you redeem at a time where

  5. I thought you couldn&#39;t get points on Rx&#39;s?

  6. What is excluded in the 20x points event . When they say &#39; when you spend 5o$ or more on almost anything in store&#39;

  7. What is excluded in the 20x points event when they say &#39; almost anything&#39; in store

  8. Wish you could use your points to purchase gift cards the way you can with President Choice points. I was hoping that once Loblaw&#39;s bought SSD that that might change.

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