Healthy Living – I Survived Week 1 In The Gym

This post is brought to you by United Performance. This is my honest story about my fitness journey.

Last week I shared about re-focusing on me and taking care of myself. I mentioned I had gone to the gym and done one workout at that point. 

Today is all about sharing real photos of me working out (no hiding behind the camera or cropping out my body), the struggles of my first week and the reasons I am still at it 🙂

Well, I have to say, by Friday I was ready to say to Hell with it all...I am too fat, too out of shape, too sore and too tired to do this. BUT I had an appointment with Scott, my trainer, so I HAD to go! I told myself the whole drive to the gym that I was going to ask him to be easy on me. 

Walking through the gym door that morning was tough (both physically and mentally). I did it, and I decided to suck it up and see how the workout would go.

Knowing Scott programmed my 3 days/week of exercises for me, I suspected that he knew my legs would need a break, and none of Friday's workout put stress on my legs (except maybe the uphill treadmill at the end...but I did it).

NOTE TO SELF: My trainer knows what he is doing and has tailored this program to me....I will not quit, I just need to get this body used to moving again. Through this first week working with Scott, I have learned to listen to my body (to push it harder and to rest when needed), listen to my trainer & trust in his knowledge and I was reminded that this is a never ending, constantly evolving process.

As for the aches and pains, here is a little recap:

Monday was mainly working arms. My left arm is struggling to keep up, but over the weeks to come it should improve quickly. It feels rather silly seeing one arm fully extended while the other is barely moving. The following day I was sore, but it didn't last more than a couple days.

Wednesday was leg day and I was impressed with what I accomplished when completing the exercises. Having pushed myself through the workouts, it made for an interesting body revolt for the next few days.

For almost 3 days, I could barley walk without my legs shaking, some stairs were crawled up or taken one at a time. But on Sunday, I could walk up and down the stairs, squat down to get things out of the fridge again and felt pretty darn good.

Friday's workout was surprisingly doable, considering how I felt walking in. Working my shoulders and back mainly. Again, Scott knows what he is doing! 

Sunday I went back in and we did a mini workout for the photos you see here. My son Lorne took these images. You can check out his instagram feed here.

Healthy Living - I Survived Week 1 In The Gym

This week I was learning what all the machines are for and figuring out my starting weights.

That left arm is slowing down, but sometimes we just need a little help. I must close my eyes alot when struggling...many of the photos I went through were me with eyes closed.

My favourite part of working one on one with a trainer is the fact that he is right there next to me the entire time. Offering encouragement, chatting and answering my questions. Even jumping on the next treadmill or bike for the end of my workout.

I thought this was kinda fun and REAL to share. Lorne captured some of the many faces I made when we went in on Sunday. Yup, even for a photoshoot I was actually working out 🙂

Thanks to Scott and everyone at United Performance for your support. (even other members are coming up to me and offering encouragement!) Such an awesome gym and the people make it the welcoming place that it is!!

Watch for my continuing journey, as I share the real stories and photos as I work through improving my mental and physical health.

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  1. Great job.
    I am 65 and workout out with my great trainer Jonny Reeves twice a week, then on my own 4 times a week. It’s tough to do, to motivate yourself but the feeling after completing your workouts and pushing yourself is so worth it. I still have weight to loose, jiggles to tone, but overall it’s your health, physically and mentally that is important. Quality of life.
    Keep going, do it for yourself no one else. 😀

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